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Why Fall Is the Best Time for a New Roof

Why fall is the best time for a new roof

When you are investing in a new roof, it is essential to remember that the roof is your home’s first line of defense against harsh winters and intense summer storms. You want to ensure that you’re not only getting quality workmanship from a reliable roofing contractor but that you choose the best time of the year to have your roof installed too. Autumn is one of the prime seasons to have a new roof put on your house, as temperatures tend to be moderate, and the bulk of stormy weather has passed. It is also wise to have your new roof in place before the winter freeze arrives to guarantee that your family is safe and comfortable when the frigid weather sets in. Consider these reasons why fall is a great time to schedule your new roof installation.

Winter exemplifies existing issues

If you need a new roof, you are likely already dealing with problems such as leaks, rot, and other damage. Having your roof installed in the fall will fix all those problems and prevent them from getting worse over the winter. One of the most significant ways that winter takes its toll on many parts of a home is through moisture getting into holes, cracks, and crevices, and then freezing. When the water freezes, it expands and causes further damage. A roof with existing problems is also far less likely to fare well under conditions like heavy snowfalls and ice dams, so you want to be sure to take advantage of the fall climate when hiring a roofing contractor.

Save money on installation

When you discover you need a new roof at this time of year and waiting until spring isn’t an option, there is an additional benefit to getting the work done before cold weather arrives. When it is cold outside, shingles tend to be brittle, which makes them more challenging to install. Since roofing guns often break brittle shingles, contractors sometimes must hand nail shingles in place during a winter installation. This process is more tedious and time-consuming than using nail guns, which adds to the cost of your project.

Cold conditions don’t allow shingles to seal properly

One of the most crucial details of roof installation is the way shingles seal out moisture to create an airtight barrier against the elements. Fall temperatures above 45 to 50 degrees are still warm enough to allow the process to occur and form the best layer of protection from harsh weather. If shingles are not sealed properly, they will not be able to provide the ideal shield that your home needs when winter weather comes along, and there is also a higher risk of shingles being blown off the roof by high winds.

The storms have passed

The spring and summer months are known for bright sunny days, and spending time outside. One factor that many homeowners neglect to consider when they have an aging roof, however, is that these months also have severe storms that can have a devastating effect on a roof’s existing conditions. If you knew your roof was having problems last winter or early spring, the chances are that the damage has gotten worse after heavy rains, wind, and other summer storms. Having a consultation with a roofing contractor in the fall is a great way to assess any damage and get an accurate estimate of roof installation. Since the weather tends to be drier in the fall, it is also an ideal time to get a new roof with minimal chances of a rain delay during the project.

Save on heating

Budgeting can be a tricky business for anyone, especially when you factor in the costs associated with owning a home. While the investment in a new roof can be a hefty expense, the good news is that the insulation your roof will provide over the winter will help decrease your energy utility costs as you heat your home. Saving on heating, along with avoiding costly repairs to an old roof, is just one of the ways homeowners benefit from having their roof replaced.

There are many things to consider when you need a new roof. From the first consultation to determine whether repairs are an option, to signing the contract to get your roof replaced, you must examine every detail, right down to the time of year you will have your roof installed. The trusted roofing contractors at Able Roof have the experience and knowledge to walk you through the entire process, as you invest in this important home feature. If you are thinking of getting a new roof this fall, call (614) 444-2253 to schedule an appointment with our roofing professionals.

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