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Schedule a Free Roof Inspection Before Winter

Your roof works its hardest in winter. When Ohio snowstorms, wind, and hail hit, your roof is one of the only things separating your family from the elements. Make sure it’s up for the task by scheduling a professional roof inspection in Columbus now, in autumn. An inspection can give you time to repair your roof and prepare for the season ahead. Columbus, OH winters can be tough. Make sure you get your roof looked at before the bitter cold hits. Get a free estimate from Able Roof today.

3 Jobs Your Roof Does in Winter

It’s easy to take your roofing system for granted – until it has a problem, that is. Recognizing the importance of your roofing system to the integrity of your home can inspire you to schedule roofing services today, while you still have plenty of time to ensure it’s 100% ready for winter. When the temperatures in Columbus start to drop, the power of your roof can really shine. Your roof takes care of the following tasks for your home and family:

  1. Insulates from the cold. One of the main services your roof provides is to insulate your home and keep outdoor and indoor air separated. A solid roofing system with zero leaks can efficiently and effectively keep your home warmer in the winter, saving you money on electric bills. Scheduling a roof inspection in fall can make sure your insulation is in proper working order just in time.
  2. Prevents ice dams and related damage. Columbus averages 22 inches of snow per year. Snowfall can collect on a roof and form ice dams, or chunks of ice that prevent melted snow from dripping off the roof. This can cause serious damage to the roof, gutters, and siding. You can prevent ice dams by repairing or replacing your roof before winter.
  3. Protects your house from storms. In particularly nasty winter weather, you’ll be glad to have a freshly repaired or replaced roof protecting your home from wind or precipitation. Your roof can prevent major damage to your home’s siding, frame, and foundation by blocking rain, snow, hail, wind, and sunlight. A strong roof can help you rest assured even during an Ohio blizzard.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to recognize all the things your roof does for you and your family. Act now, before winter, to enhance your roof and ensure it’s in tip-top shape for possible poor weather. Schedule a free roof inspection in fall to give yourself time to pay for repairs or roof replacement while the weather outside isn’t frightful. The sooner you schedule your inspection, the sooner you can have peace of mind that your roof is up for the job.

Free Columbus, OH Roof Inspections With Able Roof

Trust Able Roof with your roof inspection for straightforward and honest evaluations. Technicians can come to your home or business, inspect your roof for signs of problems, wear, and tear, and recommend repairs before the seasons change. Initial roof inspections are always free at Able Roof. Schedule your inspection today, starting with a complimentary price estimate on roofing services.