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Virtual Estimates: Home Improvement Has Never Been Easier

Virtual Estimates: Home Improvement Has Never Been Easier

Improvements to your home help to increase the quality of life you experience while living at your property while also helping to increase your home’s value if you decide to sell. Home improvements can range from interior and exterior work that could make your home more efficient or increase your curb appeal.

In recent years, technology has shaped the way homeowners can plan their home improvements. Thanks to these technological advances, homeowners can now make home improvements easier than ever with virtual estimates. Virtual home improvement and remodeling apps are the future. They help homeowners truly customize and visualize any potential project for their home. This is both a fun and cost-effective way to explore unlimited design options.

Traditional methods of gathering estimates

Gathering estimates using the traditional methods can feel both overwhelming and time-consuming. For a homeowner, you have a lot of decisions to make with any home improvement project.

For example, if you are looking to update your roof, you’ll have a lot of steps to consider. You first want to determine what type of roofing material you would prefer — and you have a number to choose from — all of which vary in cost, functionality, longevity, color, and look. You may want to see how a metal roof would look since it is a popular choice for roofing material, or maybe you want to stick with asphalt shingles that can be found on the roofs of many residential homes. These two materials alone range drastically in potential options.

You’ll have to first do your research to determine what the difference in materials is and what that means for your investment. You’d then have to look for local contractors that can provide estimates as well as suggestions as to how your roofing could look. You also have to make sure you are dealing with a contractor who works with the material you are considering. Some contracting companies only work with specific materials or brands. A contractor can then provide a model of how your finished project would look or show you samples that have worked for others with similar situations.

This process is the same for any home improvement you may consider, including siding and windows. You first have to do your research, then gather estimates, then determine who you want to work with. This process also relies on the assumption of how something will look and feel without truly knowing until you see a model created by a contractor or see the completed look elsewhere. Technology has completely reshaped how this process works. Through virtual technology, you can now see any home improvements on your actual home before committing to any specific improvements.

How virtual estimates work

If you are looking to invest in home improvements but want better freedom and control during the process, you’ll benefit from using virtual estimate tools such as Hover. Hover helps homeowners measure, design, and gather estimates for any exterior home improvements. They do this through a mobile application that literally puts every step of the home improvement process right at your fingertips. You start by uploading eight photos that capture each angle of your home. They provide tips to ensure you get the perfect picture for each angle. These photos are uploaded to the cloud, which helps build your 3D model. This 3D model provides you with the ability to completely customize the look of your home at your leisure. This also lets you see price estimates for materials and contractors in your area.

Benefits of utilizing virtual 3D models

Applications like Hover take the images of your home and create a 3D model that you can use to explore real, specific information for your home. This can make the entire home improvement process faster, more accurate, and more successful. When you have complete control over the entire process, you have the freedom to get creative while still staying on track with your budget. Several benefits come with using a virtual estimate versus the traditional method. These benefits include:

· To-the-inch accuracy on measurements. This includes your roof, siding, windows, and surface areas. It allows you to know exactly how much material would be needed, as well as any limitations your specific property might have. This measurement accuracy helps to ensure that your pricing estimates are correct. These measurements can be accessed on the app or online and can then be exported via PDF, Excel, or other file formats. You’ll always have immediate access to your home improvement plans.

· Interactive. One of the biggest benefits of planning your home improvement virtually is that you truly get to see how the finished project will look. Virtual home improvement tools make what could be considered an overwhelming task fun and enjoyable. The sky is the limit when testing what could work for your home. You can play around with several materials that you might normally avoid or may not even know exist. You can customize colors, finishes, materials, facades — essentially any aspect of your home improvement at the touch of a button. The ability to easily visualize what your improvements would look like helps you move forward in the process with confidence.

· Works for many home types. Hover’s interactive technology can help homeowners who have single-family homes, multi-family homes, townhouses, and more. You’ll be able to rely on accurate measurements of your property, which allows for more accurate estimates in your area. You’ll get detailed information about every aspect of the home improvement process. This application works for any home location as well, from rural to urban; you can get an accurate look at how specific updates will work for your home.

· Estimates. As you experiment with different materials and looks, Hover develops a detailed list of what your project’s estimated cost would look like. This helps eliminate the time-consuming process of having different contractors come to your home to meet with you and discuss your project options. This back and forth can take some time before a final decision is reached. With a virtual tool, you already know exactly what you want and what it should cost. You will be able to experiment with different materials and brands to see the price ranges you’ll need to consider.

· Eliminates miscommunication. With a virtual guide of how your home improvement should look, as well as the specifics concerning materials and brands, there is a lesser chance you’ll have to deal with a miscommunication between yourself and your contractors. Miscommunications can be costly, both in time and money. With applications like Hover, you’ll always have a clear breakdown of your measurements, materials, and other necessary information that can be provided to your contractor at any time, anywhere.

· Minimizes in-person interaction. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been an increased concern over who we interact with and how close we are willing to get to someone. Traditional estimates often involve someone coming to your property to examine your existing structure as well as discuss your options. For those who are more conscious of these interactions, virtual assist apps like Hover can help minimize your physical contact with others. You’ll be able to handle every aspect of your home improvement virtually, including drafting proposals and contracts.

· Less paperwork. Virtual home improvement apps help minimize your overall paper trail. You don’t have to worry about filing away important documents or estimates because you’ll conveniently have them right on your phone or computer.

· Protect your investment. Any home improvement is an investment in both time and money. You want to be certain that you are making the best investment for the functionality of your home as well as the look. Knowing exactly what your improvement will look like and exactly how much it will cost provides a peace of mind that is not as easy to secure through more traditional routes. Taking the virtual route is a cost-effective way to determine the best move forward for you. You’ll be able to clearly see the cost of specific materials, helping you to stay within budget before discussing your project with a contractor. This helps you know what options you want to consider and what options you know won’t work for you.

· Easy to use. Whether this is your first home improvement or your hundredth, virtual tools like Hover make the process easy. You don’t have to know a lot about materials to experiment with how they would look for your home. Anyone with a smartphone can benefit from home improvement applications that make it easy to test any aspect of improvement before committing to a single thing.

Give it a try

Owning a home provides homeowners the freedom to create a space that truly works for them. When you make improvements, you often have to consider several factors before making any final decisions. Some homeowners may have a general idea of what they are looking for, and others may have no idea where to start. Virtual tools such as Hover help any homeowner know exactly what they want before having to talk to a single contractor. With virtual assistance, making home improvements has never been easier. Once you’ve created your ideal 3D model, you can turn to Able Roof to help make your virtual home improvements a reality.