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Making a Difference in the Community One House at a Time

Rebuilding together

Rebuilding together has been making a difference in the lives of homeowners all over the country since 1973. Rebuilding together is a nonprofit whose goal is to “improve homes, inspire neighbors, and unite communities.” They believe in improving the community by rehabilitating homes for homeowners who cannot afford it. This year, rebuilding together is back in Whitehall, Ohio and partnering with Able Roof to provide some much-needed home repairs.

The Whitehall community

Able Roof and Rebuilding together have worked hard to improve the living conditions of a local advocate, Nancy. Nancy has been described as the ultimate caregiver. She has worked as the Admissions Counselor at a drop out recovery charter school for the past six years, and she has worked with women on welfare to educate them on housing, care taking, and the resources available to them. She works hard to improve the community and make a difference every day.

Some of the major problems that needed repair included the bathroom, roof, and garage. The bathroom had a gaping hole in the wall leading to the outdoors and the wall was molding from water damage. The floor plate and the vertical wall studs had deteriorated, and were in serious need of repair. The garage had holes from vandals throwing bricks through the door and graffiti. The roof was leaking in multiple places and causing issues for the interior of the home. Some other issues included; the concrete sidewalk which was cracked and sunk, the exterior stucco wall had holes leading to the interior of the home, and the gutters weren’t working properly to keep moisture away from the home.

Here’s what we did:

  • Window replacement
  • Flowerbeds
  • Paver walk way
  • Exterior stucco wall repair
  • Exterior house painting
  • Garage door replacement
  • Garage door opener installed
  • Bathroom wall replacement
  • Roof and wood decking replacement
  • Gutter replacement

By partnering with Rebuilding together Able Roof made a difference in the lives of Nancy, her family and the Whitehall community. Able Roof is a local roofing company dedicated to providing the very best in exterior repair and roofing. Able Roof is grateful for the opportunity to work with rebuilding together and make a difference for the community.