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Improve Your Home’s Value This Spring

The beginning of spring brings a flurry of new activity. We venture outside to enjoy warmer temperatures and bring our outdoor furniture out of storage. Most of all, we’re inspired to make our homes look their best after a long winter. Have you started your spring cleaning? This year, do more than just cleaning out the interior of your home and invest in your curb appeal. Even if you don’t plan to sell in the near future, improving your curb appeal will make it more enjoyable to come home each night. Try one of these easy ways to increase your home’s value this spring:

Change Your Flooring

Do your carpets look shabby, dingy, or just plain drab? If so, it’s time to consider new flooring. Even with frequent cleaning, carpeting can stubbornly hold onto dust, pet hair, and other allergens. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, replacing your flooring might even help with your symptoms.

Wooden flooring ages well, it’s easy to clean and keeps built up allergens from invading your home. Wooden floors can be both rustic and modern, develop character over time, and will markedly improve your home’s value. Consider replacing your old carpeting for wooden floors – you’ll feel the difference.

Create Instant Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to instantly add value to your home but have a limited budget, try one of these handy do-it-yourself projects to quickly create curb appeal:

  • Paint your front door, trim, or shutters. A good-quality but inexpensive gallon of exterior paint will go a long way.
  • Get a new mailbox. Whether you have one at the end of your driveway or mounted to your door, getting a mailbox upgrade can add instant charm. Just be sure you’re adhering to city codes.
  • Get new house numbers. If your house numbers are old or faded, a new set will bring an instant update for just a few dollars.
  • Tend to your landscaping. Planting a new tree or bush will instantly give your home a lift. To start, consider getting two bushes to frame your entryway. Try new exterior lighting. If you haven’t changed your front porch light in decades, swapping out the hardware will give your entryway a fresh new update.
  • Add a flower box or two. They are relatively cheap, or you can make them in an afternoon.

Update Your Appliances

For a mid-range update that will last, consider replacing your old appliances. New appliance models are more attractive and energy efficient, so they’ll significantly add value to your home. Opt for stainless steel, which is easy to clean and looks good against any backdrop. You may even receive tax credits for making your home more energy efficient.

Tackle One Room per Quarter

For some families, spending a ton of money on renovations or taking out a home equity line of credit isn’t a viable option. If this is you, make a plan to tackle one improvement per quarter. For example, you might start with the kitchen, updating its hardware or putting a fresh coat of paint on cabinetry. Once you’re happy with the result, start in on the next room – bathroom, bedrooms, exterior, etc. Eventually, you’ll find that your home looks as good as you first bought it (or even better). Be patient and make small updates as you go along.

Another useful tip: Dedicate a certain amount of each paycheck to a special home improvement fund, even if it’s only a few dollars each week. Those will add up to the funds for significant improvements over time.

Repair or Replace Your Roof

Columbus, Ohio, gets its fair share of bad weather, from a wintry mix to spring thunderstorms. Over time, this can wreak major havoc on your roof. Call Able Roof to give you a free estimate and perform any needed maintenance or repairs. If your roof needs replacement, know that it will add significant value to your home. While some people hesitate to allocate funds to their roofs because it’s hard to see, new shingles instantly add curb appeal, and buyers like to comfort of knowing they won’t have to repair it in the near future.

Improving your home’s value is easy, no matter your budget or handiness. Choose a starting point and work your way throughout your home until you achieve a look you (and potential buyers) will love.

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