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DIY vs. Professional Roof Repair

We all like to save money when it comes to roof repairs. In the days of DIY videos and YouTube, it can be tempting to try large home repair jobs, like roofing, by yourself. Unfortunately, you might end up paying more for your projects in the long run. Done incorrectly, roofing repairs can let in water, encouraging rot, mold growth, and other internal damages to your home. These problems can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars to remedy on top of roofing costs. Get the job done right the first time by knowing when to call a professional.

Considerations for Your DIY Project

If you’re considering a DIY roofing project or repair, you must consider some practical things first. Unspoken dangers is one of the biggest – while you think you’ll feel comfortable working on your own roof, professional roofing companies have harnesses and other safety gear to protect workers on the job. They also have the roof equivalent of “sailors’ legs” – in other words, professionals spend so much time working on roofs, they are steadier and instinctively more comfortable.

The typical homeowner, even the handiest type, doesn’t spend much time on their roof. Gusts of wind can come out of nowhere and knock even the steadiest people off their feet (and painfully onto the ground). In terms of safety alone, you’re much better off hiring a professional.

The next consideration is the work itself. Roofing is a lot like making a soufflé: It doesn’t require many ingredients, but to do a great job, you have to have extensive knowledge of the techniques involved. Laying shingles correctly requires training and experience. If you do a bad job, you’ll have to live with it or hire a professional to do it again, anyway.

Budgetary Concerns

The main reason people turn to the do-it-yourself approach is budget. A good roof makes a significant difference when it comes to lowering your energy bills, not to mention it keeps the elements out of your house. Unfortunately, this is where people start to go awry into DIY territory – they attempt to fix the problem themselves without the safety gear or technical know-how – this is where you could injure yourself or end up with a result you hate.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, talk to a professional roofer and see about financing options. Able roof, for example, offers a free estimate so you’ll know exactly what to expect from the process – no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. We also offer convenient financing options through our approved lender, so you can pay for your work over time.

If these options fail, see what else you can work out. For example, tearing shingles off requires a little muscle and sweat. See if you can do this part of the work for a discount on services.

Installing the new roof, on the other hand, is not something we would ever recommend undertaking yourself. Only a professional with experience can apply a new roof – keep in mind, your roof will have to be installed quickly enough to minimize exposure to the elements. This requires a team that knows what it’s doing.

Concluding Thoughts

If these tidbits aren’t enough to quell your DIY spirit, it may be helpful to know exactly what tasks a roofing repair project entails.

  • Depending on the condition of your roof, you may need to replace the entire unit, not just parts of it. Tearing off and replacing a roof is not an easy feat – and even once you tear off the roof, you’ll have to assess the condition of the underlying planks and replace those as necessary.
  • In some cases, you’ll have to install new plywood over your old roof deck before you can proceed. Skipping this step may encourage rot and threaten the structural integrity of your home. Unfortunately, you won’t know you missed this step until it’s too late.

In short, roofing repair and replacement isn’t the same as slapping on a fresh coat of paint or even installing new cabinets. It requires professional know-how and optimally a lot of safety gear. For this reason, we always recommend leaving roofing to the professionals. It’s also beneficial to keep this in mind that roofing repair and replacement by a licensed contractor adds value to your home. If you’re planning to sell it in the future, a professional job will give buyers comfort and incentive. A DIY approach, on the other hand, will only make them uneasy.

Able Roofing is the number one roofer in Columbus, Ohio, and we have served over 250,000 satisfied customers. At Able roof we want to make your life easier, and that is why we offer one day installation and a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident it is done right the first time.