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DIY Home Improvement Projects for Kids

When the kids aren’t in school, they are always eager to help with projects you are working on around the house. This can be difficult in some cases when the task at hand isn’t safe for children and they get in the way. The positive aspect, however, is that this creates an excellent opportunity to build memories by giving the kids small jobs that help beautify your home and provide them with a sense of accomplishment. If you are enjoying the late days of summer with your family or looking for activities to add to your home school curriculum in the fall, consider these ideas to keep the kids busy while they make something they will be proud to show off.

Secret garden path

Children love any activity that can involve getting messy. Any type of outdoor painting project gives them a chance to make a mess while showing off their creativity. One of the best ways to make the kids feel like part of the landscaping design team is to get them involved with a path of stepping stones through your gardens. You can include them in choosing a few select stones that they mark or allow them to paint every stone in your walkway. Pro tip: You select the paint colors. If you don’t want a path of hot pink and yellow stones in your yard, select a palette of muted earth tones for them to use. They will love the project, regardless of the color scheme.

Mailbox masterpiece

Many people consider their front yard mailbox to be their home’s “handshake” to visitors and neighbors. Why not allow the kids to showcase their talents by making your mailbox unique? It is wise to have them produce a design concept first so that you don’t end up with an outrageous mess you don’t want the neighbors to see. Consider themed ideas, like floral designs or garden bugs. Depending on your landscaping scheme and your child’s skill level, you could also suggest painting the mailbox to look like a turtle, a frog, or even your beloved pet. The ideas are endless, as the paint is just one medium to include in the project. Gluing stones, gems, and seashells onto the mailbox with a robust and weather-proof glue is another favorite way for the kids to unleash their creative talents.

Bird-brained beauties

There are few things kids love more about nature than seeing furry critters and birds in their natural habitat. Birdwatching is also an excellent opportunity to work education into daily activities, disguised as fun. There are many ways to attract birds to your yard, and all are projects the kids can help complete. You can find an array of bird feeders and birdhouses at your local home improvement store that are easy to assemble and offer yet another opportunity for creativity. Kids love painting birdhouses and adding accouterments to make them unique. Birdbaths are another yard ornament that attracts wildlife and gives the children a chance to express their creativity. If your child is old enough to tackle a more advanced project, you can even help them build a mold and make their concrete birdbath. With a little ingenuity, you can help your kids create a backyard bird oasis that they will enjoy for years.


If you have a child who leans more to the mechanical side of things than the artistic side, there are plenty of home maintenance chores they can help do. Of course, you don’t want to give them any jobs that could put them in danger, but simple tasks like oiling hinges, unclogging drains, and tightening hardware screws are jobs that some kids love, and it gives them a feeling that they are helping out. If you are redecorating a bathroom or another small room, allowing your child to help with painting the walls is an excellent opportunity to teach them a few basics and let them get to work. When your outdoor furniture needs a touch-up, or a whole new color scheme, allowing the kids to take part in the painting project is another fun way to get them to help with maintaining your outdoor living space.

The number of DIY projects that kids can take part in around your home is limited only by your resourcefulness and your willingness to give your children a bit of creative license. When you include your kids in home improvement projects, you give them a chance to help you make your house unique, while bonding and making memories together. With the increase in home-based education due to COVID-19, these tasks around the house also add enrichment and learning opportunities that they wouldn’t experience in a traditional classroom.

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