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The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

Whether your roof is leaking, falling apart, or could simply use an update, you may be wondering when the roof work should be done. There are plenty of variables to consider here, and they all impact whether or not you should be doing roof work. You might think it’s best to get it done as soon as possible to avoid problems, but there is a definitive best time of the year to do any kind of roof work, even if it’s not the time you expect it to be.

Here’s what you can expect if you get your roof fixed at various times throughout the year.


Depending on where you live, the wintertime is likely to be synonymous with ice and snow. While bad weather isn’t exclusive to one season of the year, the winter has a few traits that make roof work particularly more difficult. Freezing temperatures could cause roofing materials to break more easily or make it harder for sealants to set. Particularly bad snow can even delay the work entirely, much like how it can block the roads and cause schools and businesses to close. Additionally, with shorter days and longer nights, it might also limit how much time the workers can actually spend on the roof.

This doesn’t mean roof replacements are impossible during the winter. In fact, many roofing companies generally get fewer gigs during this time, which means there’s more room on their schedule to book your needs. If you live in a warmer climate, then winter isn’t any worse than other seasons for doing roof work. It’s not a bad choice even in colder climates, though. It’s simply the least ideal.


If winter is the least ideal season for roof work, then how does the summer – which is winter’s polar opposite – fare?

Summer is the most popular roof-work season, and there’s a reason for that. With longer days, warmer temperatures, and vacation time, many people do or schedule roof work for the summer. The heat even allows the sealant to work properly and more quickly as well. While it is clearly not a terrible idea, is it necessarily the best?

The summer is a great season for roof work, but that doesn’t make it perfect. With intense weather, ranging from heat waves to thunderstorms, summer has problems of its own that you’ll have to deal with if you choose to have your work done then – especially during July and August. If you want to get roof work done in the summer, it’s better to do it earlier in the season, when things aren’t quite as intense.


If summer’s too intense, what about the season that comes directly before it? Spring has milder weather, albeit with a lot of rain. Roof replacements could be added to the list of “spring cleaning” items to get rid of the damages of winter. With the weather falling into a nice midpoint between winter and summer, spring is a pretty suitable time of year to get roof work done.

Like in summer, springtime roof work is best done earlier in the season. Things are calming down from winter without yet becoming as volatile as summer, and if you act quickly, you may also be able to avoid the seasonal showers.


If spring is better than winter and summer due to mild and temperate weather, then autumn offers the same benefit, along with more predictable weather than any of the other months. Temperatures are at another nice midpoint. There’s less rain and no snow. Additionally, it’s also a good time to clean your roof and gutters of any debris before it rots and to reinforce your roof before the winter.

This makes autumn the best time of year to do roof work. With more benefits than the other seasons, your roof can get repaired or replaced with less chance of delay before temperatures drop and the days get shorter. Of course, due to these factors, autumn is also a very busy time for roofers. Following the popularity of summer, autumn’s idyllic conditions make for contractor schedules that might be hard to squeeze into if you’re not prepared. Far from being a downside, it simply means that if you want your roof work done in the best conditions, you should plan ahead for it.

When to get your roof replaced

Now that you know when to get your roof replaced, you might be wondering whom to hire for the job. Able Roof is an experienced roofing company that can get the job done quickly and with high-quality results at all times of the year. Contact the team today.