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Fall Is Here: Tips for Prepping Your Roof

Fall Is Here: Tips for Prepping Your Roof

As the nights become longer and the temperatures begin to cool down, we will soon find ourselves back in the thick of autumn before you know it. When the season changes, so does the weather, and you need to make sure your roof is ready to handle the harsher elements before the snow eventually comes. If you act now, you have plenty of time to protect your house from the winter before all the leaves have even fallen. Here’s what you need to do.

Keep your roof clean of debris

Whether it’s natural debris, like leaves and twigs, or that deflated beach ball your kid accidentally threw on the roof during a pool party, you should make sure your roof isn’t still a mess by the time it snows. Keeping it clean and clear protects your roof from the spread of algae and rot while also making sure your house looks presentable. Clean it regularly throughout the season to secure a lighter workload for later and ensure that the debris doesn’t simply return.

You must also clean the gutters, as they serve a necessary purpose of removing excess water – something they can’t do if they’re clogged. To avoid this becoming a problem in the future, scrape the debris out of the gutter with something like a spatula or plumber’s snake. You may even want to consider adding a “gutter guard,” which keeps your gutters clear of any future debris, snow, and ice.

Check for cracks, holes, and other signs of damage

A drafty, leaking, or otherwise damaged roof is never desirable. It’s especially undesirable in the winter when your roof is trying to protect you from the elements outside. Holes and cracks can let snow, ice, or wind into your house. Check the insulation, as well as for both interior and exterior damages.

Trim any overhanging branches

If you have trees that hang above your roof, you should make sure there are no directly overhanging branches by cutting or trimming the ones that exist. Branches can break off in bad weather and damage your roof and gutter, and overhanging branches also contribute to worse cases of debris due to being a close source of leaves and twigs.

Keep an eye out for pests

Animals, like birds and small rodents, can slip into your attic or nest in your chimney. Not only can these animals cause damage to your interior, spread disease, steal your food, and reproduce, but they can cause even more serious damage. For instance, a clogged chimney can result in a fire, dark smoke, or carbon monoxide poisoning due to the heat and smoke having no way to escape, as well as the leaves and branches of a nest acting as easy kindling. In winter, these problems can be more difficult to deal with, as the rodents will be looking for warm spaces to live and your fireplace will likely see use during a particularly cold day.

There are many ways to keep pests out, from setting traps to hiring a pest control specialist. However, you can avoid many problems by ensuring your roof is properly inspected and that you keep your chimneys clean on a regular basis. Since these animals can also enter through low-hanging tree branches, this is another reason to not only check your roof but remove those branches.

Double-check your warranty and insurance

As hard as you may try to keep your roof in good condition for the colder months, not all options are entirely in your control. For instance, large pieces of hail can create holes in the roof or break your gutters. Heavy snow and strong winds are just as dangerous. If you want to be prepared for everything that may come in the winter, it’s a good idea to make sure your homeowner information is readily available and that there are people who can help if things go wrong. This includes the roof’s warranty and your homeowner’s insurance.

Just keep in mind, these companies only tend to help with problems that are outside of your control. Make sure you keep up with the rest of your maintenance so that if a problem does occur, you can get the help you need.

Hire a professional

Keeping your roof safe and clean prior to winter is an important process, but it can also be difficult and time-consuming. A professional can offer a comprehensive inspection, help you protect your roof, and give you guidance for future maintenance and upkeep. Contact Able Roof today and get the job done.

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