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Benefits of a Tin Roof

When you think of tin, many images may come to mind: tin can, tin man, tin foil…but what about tin roofs?! Metal roofs have been used for centuries. A tin Columbus roofing system is extremely durable and will guarantee decades of protection for your home. The term “tin” includes a plethora of metal roofing materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, alloys and actual tin. And actual tin roofs are made of sheets of tin pressed to a fine gauge.

Installing Your Tin Columbus Roofing System: Standing Seam versus Flat Seam

As previously discussed, metal Columbus roofing comes in a variety of materials. In addition, these materials are available in diverse colors, textures and styles. Regardless of the type of metal you select for your Columbus roofing system, there are two basic seaming systems used during installation. One option is called a standing seam installation, in which a hooked flange on one section fits over the straight flange of an additional section, and the two are pressed tightly together. Another installation option is called a flat seam installation, in which you link together two roofing sections by interlocking hooked rims/flanges on both sections. The sections are then pressed and soldered together to produce a watertight flat seam. In both flat seam and standing seam installations, metal roofing clips are used to anchor the sections to the Columbus roofing system substructure.

It is best to leave metal roofing installation to professional Columbus roofing contractors. This is especially important if you select a tin roof with a flat seam because tin soldering requires advanced experience and expertise. If you are worried about the expense of hiring Columbus roofing contractors, keep in mind that metal roofs last a long time (some roofing contractors offer lifetime warranties that that last for as long as you live in your home—and even transfer to the next homeowner, while other roofing contractors offer warranties that can extend up to 50 years) so they will eventually pay for themselves.

D-I-Y Tin Roofing

If you are feeling extra ambitious and think you have the proper skills, you can install a tin Columbus roofing system yourself. The size of the project and the dedication of the homeowner will determine the time needed for installation, but one to two days is a reasonable expectation. If you opt for DYI tin roofing, be sure to keep a few important tips in mind.

First, be sure to prime and paint the overhangs before installing the tin, which will prevent brush marks from getting onto the tin. In addition, unless you are applying tin over shingles, you should apply a vapor barrier over the Columbus roofing system in order to prevent sweat from building on the bottom of the tin on a hot, sunny day. Staple the vapor barrier about every three feet horizontally and vertically, letting the barrier hang over the existing Columbus roofing system edges if necessary (can trim after tin is installed). Next, consider which side of the roof you will be starting on. The tin will run vertically along the roof from the bottom overhang, up to the roof ridge lengthwise.

Before you purchase the tin, the retailer will need to know the required length and an employee will cut the tin accordingly. Your tin should run the entire vertical length of the Columbus roofing system from top to bottom. When you are ready to install, screw the tin down with metal screws – each of which should be 12 inches apart up and down the tin – making sure that you have an overhang of two inches on the outside. Make sure the screws go into the concave part of the tin. The retailer should supply you with screws in a color that matches and blends with the tin of your Columbus roofing system.

Insulate Your Wallet by Insulating Your Columbus Roofing System

In order to block out rain noise, an additional layer of insulation is necessary when installing a tin roof. This extra insulation makes your Columbus roofing system highly energy efficient; it will retain heat in the winter and reflect the heat of the sun in the summer, which saves you money.

Restoration and Maintenance

A tin Columbus roofing system can withstand salt and water. However, highly acidic rain, which often occurs near industrial areas, can result in roof corrosion. To maintain your tin roof’s strength and performance, you must employ proper maintenance. On a mild, rainless day, follow these directions.

First, scrub off as much rust as possible with a stiff wire brush; really work the brush into the rusted spots and remove all flaking. Second, remove as much dirt and debris as possible using a hose. Be sure there is enough sun to dry the water, so as not to worsen the rust problem. Next, using a bristle paintbrush or roller brush, apply a metal primer to the Columbus Roofing system, allowing the primer to cure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a primer with rust inhibitors to prevent additional rust from forming. Lastly, using a paintbrush or roller, paint the roof with a water-based paint that complements the primer. The paint should be specially designed for metal and should have a rust inhibitor. Again, allow it to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to first paint the top of the roof and work your way down the Columbus roofing system.

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