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3 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bill With Able Roofing

Able Roofing was created in 1986 by Steve Weyl, and in the 30 years the company has been operating, its personnel have become experts in more than just roofing. Able Roofing has become the go to replacement and repair company for windows, siding, and insulation in Columbus, Ohio. This experience makes them incredibly knowledgeable about ways to save on your energy bill.


Perhaps the best way to save on your energy bill is to reduce heating and cooling costs for your home. To do this you need the right attic insulation. There are two ways heat is transferred between your home and the outside: convection and conduction. Convection is the process of hot air circulating more rapidly and transferring its energy through heat. Conduction is the direct transfer of heat from one material to another.

Convection affects your home’s temperature when there is space within your walls for air from outside to circulate. The best preventative measure against this is to use spray insulation to pack the spaces in your walls. No space means no air circulation. Convection of warm outside air shouldn’t be much of a worry in a well-insulated home.

Conduction can also be prevented by using spray insulation inside the wall cavity. The insulation material conducts less heat than the empty space would. This means less heat will escape your home in cold weather and less hot air will penetrate your home in warm weather.

Insulation does more than fill up space in your walls though. Good insulation will:

  • Seal gaps around windows or doors to keep out drafts.
  •  Insulate the ducts that carry hot and cold air throughout the house, ensuring that even the furthest corners of your home get the proper temperature of air delivered.
  • Be especially heavy in the roof, as heat rises and escapes there in the winter and bakes down from the roof in summer.

Siding and Windows

Vinyl siding is the cheapest siding on the market and most homes will use it. However, insulated vinyl siding has been shown to save more energy than traditional vinyl siding. One thing people do not often consider is the color of their siding. The color of your siding can also have an effect on your cooling cost. Darker colors absorb more energy from light than lighter colors do. This absorbed energy becomes heat, warming your siding and thus the rest of your house. Do your research and get the right siding for your home.

Windows can also have a major impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Improperly installed windows let in drafts of air, and every window lets in light, which warms your home. Double-pane windows, made from Low-E glass and filled with argon, are the most energy-efficient option on the market.


Your roof is exposed to the sun in summer and heat rises through it in the winter, making your roof the key area to look at for increasing energy efficiency. There are a few ways you can increase your roof’s energy efficiency:

  • Replace existing roofing shingles with ones that reflect more of the sun’s rays.
  • Choose a lighter color for your roof. As with siding, darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors.
  • Consider roof coating options.

Though it may not be the first thing you think of, taking care of your roof this summer is an excellent way to save on your utility bills – regardless of the season.

We have earned the reputation of being the best roofer in Central Ohio by providing the highest quality products and services. At Able Roof we pride ourselves on getting most jobs done in less than a day. So, start saving on your energy bill now, by calling Able Roofing.