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How to Pick the Right Roof Color

How to pick the right roof color

When you are getting a new roof and are at the stage of choosing the color of your shingles, there are so many factors to consider. Of course, you want the shingles to match your home’s exterior but, to truly have a stunning crown to top off your home, you will want to choose a color that suits the surrounding area. You also need to choose a color that you will love. Your roof typically covers as much as 40% of your home’s exterior, so it will make a major impression on the way you view your entire home. Check out our project gallery for inspiration, and consider the following when determining your shingle color.

Where you live influences color choice

If you live in a place where you are surrounded by beautiful mature trees and wooded areas, you want a color that will make a statement but still blend in with the landscape. If you live in an urban area, especially a historic district, slate or slate-colored shingles are often a popular choice. Of course, you must also consider the architectural style of your home and those in your neighborhood. Some home designs would look out of place with anything but clay or clay toned shingles. Others look best with wooden shingles or those designed to mimic wood. Once you have taken all these environmental factors into consideration, you can begin to look at color options in the type of shingle you are using.

Making your roof stand out while still matching

Now that you have taken a good look at the neighborhood and the color and style of your home, it’s time to work on color matching. It is critical to select a roof color that coordinates perfectly with the exterior of your home, to enhance the curb appeal and give your home its own unique character. If you are building a brand-new home or doing a complete exterior makeover, you may be choosing the siding and roof color at the same time. If this is the case, look at color swatches for each material together and try different combinations until you find the colors that you are happiest with.

If you are just doing the roof at this time, compare the color swatches to the exterior of your home. Whether you have siding, brick, stucco, or stone as your exterior material, you will have an array of shingle colors to match with it. Find one that you like and ask your roofing contractor or the retailer you are buying the shingles from for an actual shingle in that color, so that you can compare a larger color sample to the house.

Should you choose a color that “pops”?

Despite the variety of shingle colors on today’s market, sometimes it is best to go with the basics. Traditional shingle materials have always been clay, metal, wood, and slate. This is the reason that the most popular shingle colors are typically red, grey, brown, and black. If you are concerned that a more unconventional color choice will look dated in a few years or simply that you won’t like it, it is always best to go with a more traditional color.

Other factors you should consider

Always remember a few other tricks of the trade. When you choose a dark shingle color, it will absorb more of the sun’s rays instead of deflecting them and, in turn, pull more heat into your home. This can affect your choice either way, depending on the local climate where you live. A general rule of thumb is also that darker colors are more commanding and will give your home a more dramatic, stately look. Lighter colors brighten up the look of a home and are often a suitable choice in wooded areas that don’t get a lot of sun. The sunlight you receive is also affected by your location. While the sun tends to have a warm, reddish hue in the south, it is a bit more bluish in the north. The sun itself tends to complement shades of grey and blue better in northern regions than in southern locations.

It is also good to take advice from family, friends, neighbors, and contractors to heart, but remember that the most important thing is that you like the color of your roof. After all, it is your home.

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