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2014 Roofing Trends

Much of society is aware of what is trendy and hot at the moment, and the world of quality roofing is not excluded from this. While the year is still young, there are a number of trends when it comes to eco-friendly roofing.

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Let’s All Be Friendly to the Environment

Being green isn’t new and it isn’t something largely foreign to the way in which people live, but it is a big deal in the roofing industry this year. If you could use the sun to generate energy, then why not do so? That’s the attitude many quality roofing companies and customers are taking to start the year; they’re becoming more energy efficient. And not only do these options help the environment, but they help save you money by being more energy efficient.

What started as a way for businesses to become more energy efficient is now making its way to more and more homes, as well, with technology that meets the demands enforced by various energy regulatory commissions. Some of the technology used to utilize solar energy includes photovoltaic roofing systems, tile solar roofing, solar shingles, solar powered roofing vents, solar panels, and more. Worried that you can’t have energy efficient options because your existing roof quality is poor? Don’t be, as roofers could add green options to your existing roof.

The Lighter the Roof the Better

Take a drive down your road and you might start seeing quality roofing systems that aren’t adorned with the typical darker colored shingles. Instead, you’ll see some lighter colors sitting atop homes, and with good reason. Lighter colored roofing takes in less heat than its darker counterparts, which helps control heating and cooling costs. Some of the colors you’ll be seeing are different shades of blue, as well as a variety of neutral tones, whites, and grays. And not only are lighter roofs helpful with heat absorption, but they are a fashionable way to dress up your home.

Reflective Materials on the Rise

Another way to reduce the amount of heat your roof absorbs is becoming trendy: the use of reflective materials. Reflective roof coating atop the darker existing roof you have cools down the surface of your roof by sending the sun’s heat away from your home. Some of the materials used to top your darker colored roof include acrylic, silicone, latex, and polyurethane coatings. Now some of these may be pricey, but you’re getting a great return on your investment; cool roofs tend to last much longer than those punished by excessive heat.

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