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10 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, the winter holiday season is in full swing. Most of us are still trudging through retail store aisles in search of that  “perfect gift” (for ideas, see our article showcasing our top picks of 10 holiday gifts for the DIY’er); however, there remains some of us who use this season as a time of reflection and renewal… yes it’s that time to think of those New Year’s resolutions!

While you might find yourself considering the latest diet plans or exotic travel excursions as personal upgrades, why not think about some changes or upgrades to your home in the upcoming year? Not sure where to start?

Consider these 10 New Year’s resolutions for your home:

1- Get Wise About Water Conservation: An increasing trend among homeowners has been all about taking control of water usage. But before you raise the white flag on this one (because January is not the time to forego those long, hot showers – and we certainly know that, Ohio residents), consider this – technology is making it easier than ever now for you to conserve water. Between low-flow toilets and eco-friendly shower systems, your home practically conserves water, itself. Consider installing a new showerhead as your first start; it’s low-cost and low-commitment, but it will certainly reduce your water usage.

2- Invest in New Windows: Many homeowners don’t consider their windows too often. However, they are a great investment. It will pay for itself for years to come. Did you know that a window that is classified as low-e (the only ones we provide at Able Roofing) could help retain heat during the winter and keep it out during the summer?

3- Ceiling Fans for the Win: A simple addition such as a ceiling fan translates to more efficient heating and cooling in a home. With that in mind, many home experts (such as Zillow) expect to see more ceiling fans in 2015. But you’re a trendsetter, so invest in one now!

4- Say Goodbye to Your Standard Wall Outlets: Technology demands that we have USB ports for charging our phones, tablets, and other devices. Isn’t it time that your wall outlets got up to speed? A single wall outlet with USB ports is more organized and more practical.

5- Add Some Color Changes (of the Past): Many trends point to the fact that the Renaissance is going to have a huge impact on homes in 2015. Can you get down with greens, blues, beiges, and whites? Perhaps January is a time to start fresh (literally) and slap a fresh coat of paint on those walls!

6- Recycle Some Household Items: Believe it or not, secondhand items in your home can be paired with modern, contemporary furniture to add a unique and individual look to your home. For many, the interior decoration in the home is the best part. Interior trends take a lot of inspiration; why not draw from something you can reuse?

7- For 2015, Green is the New Black: And we mean with everything! Natural flooring is not only more sustainable, but it looks really awesome, too. Have you considered flooring options such as ceramic, stone, or cork, instead of hardwood? It feels different underneath your feet, but who said different has to be bad?

8- When it Comes to Your Shower, Go Big… Or Go Home? Okay, so maybe that last part didn’t make sense considering this is about your home after all, but why not enhance your showering experience with something bigger? You can start with a larger showerhead and move all the way to a larger shower. And while you’re at it, why not opt for a sauna experience in there, or sprayers? You deserve it!

9- Get More Secure: Now is the time to consider all of the technological advances in home security. You can literally control your home from your Smartphone; and check on things from inside your home, while at work, or across the country. Video cameras and alerts can be equipped in your home to keep things safe when you are home, when your children are home, and even when no one is home. Making your home more secure is not just a necessity, but also a no-brainer for a smart homeowner.

10- Let Your Home Read Your Mind: Your spouse might not be able to read your mind and know exactly what you want for dinner tonight; but at least your home will know what temperature to have the place set at when you arrive from work. Yep, you read that right. Programmable thermostats are a technology that makes your home the optimal temperature around the clock, based on your needs – AND they can save you money. Talk about a New Year’s resolution that anyone can get behind.

Are there any other home improvements that you might consider as part of your New Year’s resolution home upgrade? Perhaps purchasing a new roofing system, new energy-efficient windows, (or even making your existing windows more energy efficient with these 5 hacks), adding some insulation to your attic, or maybe even giving some TLC to your garage? Whatever it is that you decide to tackle in 2015 for your home, we’re there with you no matter what (even when it gets messy).