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10 Holiday Gifts for the DIYer

“I’ll get to it later.”

The above phrase permeates homes across Columbus, Ohio and throughout the United States as the standard for procrastination – especially when it comes to those annoying home repair or improvement projects.

Luckily, you live with the ultimate DIY’er, who is ready to tackle all types of projects, from fixing the leaky faucet to building the new deck. Unfortunately, you’ve noticed that the dawdler’s catch phrase has stung your favorite go-getter.

With the holidays less than two months away, now is a great time to inspire your loved one with a new addition to their tool belt. Below are some hot items that should be on every DIY’er’s holiday gift list:

1.) Dremel 4000 Series Rotary Tool Kit

Accessories make tools more useful on a variety of jobs, and the Dremel 4000 Series Rotary Tool Kit comes with quite a few of them. The kit is versatile, has a very strong motor, and comes with ample accessories to tackle a multitude of jobs, without a price tag that will drain your wallet. It’s a must have for any DIY’er.

2.) Black & Decker Autowrench® 8″ Automatic Adjustable Wrench

What DIY’er doesn’t love an adjustable wrench? How about battery-operated tools? Well, with this tool, you’ll have both. The Autowrench has a solid grip, is tough, offers one-touch size adjustments, and comes with two AAA batteries. What’s better than that?

3.) Wilton B.A.S.H Sledge Hammers

What’s tougher than a sledgehammer? Not much. And if you’re a hardcore DIY’er, then you need that tough anchor to round out your awesome tool set. You’re not going to get more hardcore than this B.A.S.H. sledge hammer, complete with their unbreakable handle technology that’s more durable than wood or fiberglass, non-slip grip, and safety plate that secures the sledgehammer’s head.

4.) Felo Ergonomic Slotted and Phillips Screwdrivers

Every DIY’er needs an epic set of screwdrivers in their tool arsenal; and there aren’t many more epic than these. The Felo Ergonomic Screwdriver set boasts a comfortable handle that conforms to the users’ hand, a blade type printed on both the top and grip of the handles, the anti-roll handle, and an incredible lifetime warranty.

5.) The Annihilator Ultimate Wrecking Bar by Dead On

This hammer is named “The Annihilator;” do you need any other reason to purchase this? If you do, then consider that this 18-inch demon of a tool can be used as a bottle opener, nail puller, tile ripper, demolition axe, and chisel. Oh, and you could hammer nails just as basic hammers do, too.

6.) Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure

Laser pointers are way more useful than just a tool that could easily distract your cat. Specifically with this one, as it also can help you measure things. With this tool, you’ll be able to accurately measure distances as far as 50 feet away, with an almost instant reading. Want to talk accuracy? This measures with accuracy to 1/8”. And it has a simple one-touch button operation.

7.) Leatherman Surge Pocket Multitool

This is the MacGyver of multi-tools. Just look at it… it’s glorious. And it comes in a sheath. How cool is that?! Check out its tough pliers, two knives (with a great blade exchanger), extra-strong scissors, and so much more.

8.) MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

Don’t you hate dropping nails and screws on the ground, worried that you’ll either step on or drive over one later? With this wristband, you won’t have to. It’s light (weighs only 1.6 ounces), reinforced with rivets at stress points for more durability, and very rugged and long lasting. Not only will you be able to keep screws and nails close, but the magnet is strong enough to hold some smaller tools, as well.

9.) The Jac Zagoory Contractor Pen

This isn’t your average pen, which means it is an absolute must-have for your DIY’er. This pen boasts a level, drywall and angle gauges, ruler, and magnetic strip. But this is, after all, a pen, which is top-notch, as well. The pen, itself, is a Fisher Space Pen – a pen that is designed to work through the most extreme of temperatures, writes upside-down, under water, on wood, aluminum, galvanized steel, and virtuously anywhere else.

10.) ThumbSaver TS001 Magnetic Nail Setter

Imagine yourself holding a nail with your hand and then hitting your hand or finger with the hammer. Doesn’t seem like a good time, right? With this nail setter, the DIY’er will continue to be a DIY’er with two working, healthy hands and a full set of functional fingers. This is a durable tool that boasts a powerful magnet to hold nails and screws in place – all while keeping your fingers out of the way of impending self-imposed danger. It also has a rubber comfort and durable aluminum shaft, and will withstand the toughest of uses.

If you love your DIY’er, then you’ll make him or her happy with some wonderful gifts from our list for the upcoming holiday season. From the most involved and complex of tools to the most simple, they are bound to love what you choose.

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