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Are Your Windows Making Your House Cold?

If you think this winter feels chillier than last year, it might not be the weather at all. Your windows may be letting in a cold, uncomfortable draft, lowering the temperature throughout your home. Drafty windows are common problems that can occur over time as weather stripping and seals wear out. Sometimes, the problem lies with the windows themselves. Old windows don’t have the insulating capabilities of newer glass. Window replacement in Columbus could be the key to a warm, energy-efficient home this winter.

How to Check for Window Problems

New windowsDrafts from your windows can let in cold air, raise your electric bill, and make an all-around colder home. Drafts can also let in cold-weather moisture, leading to issues like water damage and bugs. To find out if your windows are at the heart of your interior temperature problems, check for drafts. Hire a professional contractor to perform tests for you, or perform a smoke test yourself.

To do a smoke test, start by closing all windows and doors in your home. Turn off combustion appliances and turn on kitchen and bathroom exhaust vents to create negative air pressure. Light an incense stick and hold it close to the edges of windows and doors. If you see the smoke wavering and drawing inward, you have a draft or air leak. At this point, you can replace the weather stripping or caulk the windows to try to solve the problem.

It may simply be time to replace your windows. This might be the case if your windows are cracked, warped, or broken, or if they are more than 30 years old. If you know your windows aren’t energy efficient, an upgrade could do wonders for the comfort and energy costs of your home. New windows can reduce heating bills and keep your home seamlessly comfortable all winter long.

Is it Time for a Window Upgrade?

As the seasons begin to change, take note of how warm your home is day and night. Notice how long it takes to get to the desired temperature in your home or if the temperature can reach this point at all. Feel if certain areas of your home are colder than others or if you can feel cold air wafting in from outside. Hold your hand near the glass of your windows to see if you can distinctly feel outdoor temperatures from inches away. These are all signs of windows that aren’t doing their jobs correctly.

If you think your home would benefit from replacing old or non-efficient windows, the dry fall weather before winter sets in is an ideal time for window replacement in Columbus. A Columbus window replacement company such as Able Roof can come to your home, assess your windows, and give you a free cost estimate for replacements. You may find that new windows could keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, as well as boost the value of your home, keep critters out, prevent drafts, and improve security. This year, give your home the gift it needs. Invest in new windows. Call today and schedule a free estimate!