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Window Replacement in Gahanna, OH

Gahanna Window Replacement
Replacement Window Competitor Comparison
Increased viewing area by 27%. Competitors window on the left, Able Roof’s window on the right.

Window replacement is a wonderful way to improve your home’s aesthetics, value, and efficiency. Many people know this, but some are still hesitant to take the plunge. With professional window replacement in Gahanna, OH by Able Roof, you’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing benefits of new windows at a reasonable cost.

Energy Savings

One of the best things about new windows is energy savings. Replacing existing windows can reduce annual costs by as much as $465 in the average American home. This is thanks to the UV refractive technology in modern windows. The glass is designed to deflect UV rays, which reduces the heat transferred through the windows. As a result, interior temperatures are lowered and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard – and your wallet won’t, either.

New windows don’t just save energy in the summer, either. They offer maximum efficiency year-round. Able Roof windows are made with double-pane and argon-filled insulated glass, so they can help keep heat from escaping when it’s cold outside. You’ll also have new seals with a window replacement, meaning energy-wasting drafts will be a thing of the past.

Better Security

New windows won’t just save you money – they’ll also give you better peace of mind. Changing the windows in your home can make them much safer, especially if your existing ones are older. Locks are the most important and basic part of your window safety. Aging locks can be brittle or prone to sticking, making it easier for potential break-ins and for young children to open them.

At Able Roof, we use Lexan night locks on all of our windows. This impact resistance material is much more reliable and won’t become rusty over the years. Plus, there are options to make the glass itself safer, too. A special coating can be applied to the surface to hold the panes together. Even if they’re shattered, you won’t deal with flying shards – an especially crucial component for parents.

Better Home Value and Curb Appeal

Replacing your windows can help when it’s time to sell your home, too. Many buyers will avoid homes that need new windows because they view it as a huge undertaking (although the right team of contractors can make it much faster and more efficient). If you have new windows, you can market to a wider variety of people – especially when those windows come with Able Roof’s lifetime guarantee. They’ll know they’re getting the highest quality workmanship and be more eager to make a better offer. And that’s just with standard replacement windows.

The value replacement windows add to your home is even greater when you opt for a custom set. We create all our windows at Able Roof, so you can choose unique shapes and styles while still enjoying a perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for wide modern panes or smaller rounded windows, we know you can find the best match for your home and personal taste.

Bigger and better windows give the impression of more space, too, which is nice as the winter can make our homes feel smaller. Natural light visually pushes your walls back and makes your room feel more expansive.

How to Tell if You Need an Upgrade

Able Roof Window Replacement ReviewWith all these benefits, it’s easy to see why you’d want new windows. If you’re not sure whether yours are due for replacement, there are some easy things to look out for that will give you a clue. Ask yourself:

  • Are they hard to open or shut? If you need to prop your windows open or tape them together, it’s a good sign you should switch them out.
  • Do they open with a crank? Crank windows aren’t reliable for many reasons. If the crank gets stuck, your window could be frozen anywhere between fully opened and fully closed. Crank windows are pretty rare these days, so if your home has them, they likely need replacement.
  • Are you feeling drafts? There shouldn’t be any temperature changes or air moving around the frame of your windows. If there is, it’s a bad sign. You could be losing hundreds each year with the lost energy, so this is a definite signal for replacement.
  • Do your windows have condensation? Newer sets (within the last 10 years) can actually cause condensation because they’re so efficient. Older windows, however, condensate because moisture gets in between the panes, signaling a loss of the gas insulation. Check to see if the water is between the panes. If so, it’s time to call Able Roof for experienced Gahanna window installers.

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