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Why Your Chimney Crown is Important

Why Your Chimney Crown is Important to the Health of Your Roof

Although it’s important that all of your chimney parts are functioning correctly, this is especially true for the chimney crown. A damaged chimney crown can put the overall health of your roof at risk.

For one, the chimney crown is responsible for keeping the rest of your chimney dry and safe, even when you’re faced with rain, snow, or other harsh weather conditions. The crown can protect both the inside and outside portions of your chimney.

The lifespan of a chimney is largely dependent on whether its crown is correctly installed and functional. Even so, it can be difficult for homeowners to see the crown, causing its importance to be overlooked by many. Not only that, but if the crown sustains serious damage, the homeowner might not notice right away.

Why you need to keep moisture out of your chimney

The chimney crown can keep water and moisture out of your chimney – but why is this so important?

Water penetration is a surefire way to damage masonry. Your chimney’s masonry is made of several materials, although any of these materials can be damaged when they come into contact with moisture. A masonry chimney can be destroyed from the inside out if it’s faced with too much water.

When water penetrates your home’s chimney, this can lead to various parts malfunctioning or becoming rusted. Moisture can also lead to countless other serious issues, such as the deterioration of your central heating system and assemblies, weakened and rotted building materials, and other kinds of structural damage to your home and chimney.

When water damage occurs over an extended period, the cost of repairs can add up. This can also lead to health risks and serious property damage.

Protect your chimney against water damage

A well-designed chimney should be protected from penetration by water or moisture. Keeping water out of the various parts of your chimney is a complex job that requires a number of parts. Some of these parts include chimney crowns, chimney caps, sealant, and flashing. In combination, these parts can effectively prevent chimney leaks from forming.

When it’s paired with a chimney cap, the chimney crown can help to keep moisture from entering the top of your home’s chimney. If the crown becomes damaged, however, it can be easy for water to enter the chimney directly.

Keep in mind that all the aforementioned parts need to be in good condition for your chimney to be protected from moisture. You could have a chimney crown and cap that are in excellent condition, but if your flashing is damaged or improperly installed, water can slip through the intersection of your chimney and roof.

Chimney crown installation and repairs by Able Roof

If your home’s chimney isn’t protected by a crown, your property is at serious risk of water damage. Chimney leaks can be costly to repair, and they can lead to the development of mold and additional kinds of property damage. To make sure that your chimney crown is correctly installed and in exceptional condition, you should turn to the roofers at Able Roof. You can receive a free, no-obligation estimate by contacting Able Roof today.