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Why You Should Line Up Your Roof Inspection With Back-to-School

The end of summer means it’s back to school time. It also means it’s the best time for an annual roof inspection. Ohio summers are the best time of year for outdoor work and maintenance, and August to September is ideal for taking care of housekeeping affairs for your roof. Take advantage of the warm weather, and get your roof inspected this season.

Why Now?

August and September are warm months, so they are still great periods of time for outdoor work and maintenance. But what’s the advantage of working in August and September, rather than the early summer?

The end of summer represents a good crossroads between the seasons. It is still warm enough to do a roof inspection and comes immediately before the harshest part of the year for your roof. August roof inspections mean your roof will be in excellent condition for the coming seasonal weather, including rain and snow.

You want your roof in tip-top shape, before bad weather hits. In the winter, when snow and ice land on your roof it can be difficult, if not impossible, to fix roof leaks or replace your roof. Fall is right around the corner which means that trees will begin shedding their leaves, and overgrown brush can drop branches and other mulch onto your roof. Every year, thousands of homeowners contend with the potential roof damage that comes from clogged gutters and overgrown brush. Following the fall months will be heavy snows and winter storms. Therefore, it’s better to prepare now than to risk damages during the worst part of the year for maintenance.

What Can You Do to Prepare Your Roof?

Aside from getting your annual roof inspection, you can prepare your roof and home for the coming months in a few other ways that will keep your roof ready for even the worst of winter weather.

Preparing your gutters is important, especially once it comes time for the leaves to drop, along with the rain and snow. Make sure to clean out your gutters before the season changes – especially because fall leaves can clog up gutters and cause moisture buildup. Clogged gutters can cause problems for your roof and gutter systems. It might also be worth installing gutter guards to make sure that only water gets into your gutters, thereby preventing debris buildup.

It’s always a good idea to look around your yard and trim some trees which have grown out of control. As we’ve discussed, falling leaves can clog gutters and damage your roof with falling branches. Take advantage of the end of summer’s warm weather by shearing off excess branches and leaves to protect your home throughout the winter.

And finally, it’s always important to have an annual roof inspection, and there’s no better time than the back-to-school season. Just as students begin testing and performing assessments to ensure they are meeting standards, this time of year can be a great reminder for homeowners to “test” and assess their roofs, to make sure they are up to standards.

If you are looking for quality roofers in Ohio, Able Roof can help prepare your home and inspect your roof for the harsh weather to come. Place your trust in our hands, and we will take care of your roof so you don’t have to.

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