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What’s the Best Extreme Weather Solution for My Roof?

Extreme weather solution

Natural disasters, extreme weather, and other unpredictable nature-based events can happen any time of year. Though they are scary to think about, the best thing we can do is make sure we are prepared. When it comes to protecting your home from severe weather, one of the best things you can do is prepare your roof. If your roof remains intact and stable during an extreme weather event, it can help your whole home remain dry and undamaged. As thunderstorm and tornado season descends upon the Midwest, be sure that your roof is ready by following these preparation tips. 

Assess the shingles

One of the first things you can do to ensure your roof is ready for a storm is to look at the state of the shingles. If you see any that are cracked, loose, missing, or otherwise damaged, your roof is vulnerable to damage from a storm. Plus, if you can see this kind of damage from the ground, chances are there is more damage elsewhere on the roof that you can’t see from afar. If you see problems with your shingles, call a roofing expert right away. Installing impact-resistant materials on the roof can help protect your home and ensure that any storms don’t cause preventable damage. 

Double-check flashing and gutters

If you can see them from the ground, look at the materials that seal the corners and seams of the roof. You’ll likely find these flashing materials near any chimneys, on the peak of the roof, and the edges near the gutters. Do they look intact and stable? If they do not, or if you cannot assess them safely from the ground, call a roofing expert to have a look. It is important that these areas are protected, but it is also unsafe to climb on your roof without the proper training and equipment. 

Examine your insurance policy

As the severe weather season begins, it can be helpful to check your policy and make sure that it is comprehensive and up to date. Familiarize yourself with what is covered, and ensure that your coverage is current and still active. This will help you remain calm in an emergency because you will know how to navigate your plan. If you do find yourself in need of a new roof, Able Roof will help you navigate your homeowners insurance policy.

Clear your yard

If you know a storm is headed to your area, be sure that your yard is clear of patio furniture, landscaping tools, toys, and any other items that could blow around in heavy winds. While many people don’t consider it, these objects pose a significant threat to roofs during a storm and can easily cause a substantial amount of damage to a roof. By clearing your yard before severe weather, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in roofing repairs.

Permanent solutions

If you find that your roof is simply old or in bad shape, it may be time to look at more permanent protection options. When a roof has reached the end of its lifetime, it is best to invest in a replacement rather than risk permanent and costly damage. The best protection currently on the market is ThunderGuard roofing systems. These systems are extremely durable and resistant to wind, impact, algae, and more. With polymer-modified asphalt, this roofing system can stand up to extreme weather with ease and give homeowners peace of mind regarding their roofs. If it’s time to replace your roof, a ThunderGuard roofing system should be at the top of your list. No type of roof can better protect your home, family, and investment.

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