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What Is the Best Affordable and Durable Solution for My Roof?

What's the best affordable and durable solution for my roof?

Homeowners who need new roofs have many options available, and Able Roofing provides some of the best options on the market. Our RoofGuard system offers some of the best protection for your home against the elements, lasts much longer than traditional roof replacement systems, and is available in a wide range of styles to suit your tastes and the aesthetics of your home. So, if you are interested in an affordable and durable solution for your roof, look no further than RoofGuard from Able Roofing.

Why Choose RoofGuard?

Able Roofing offers the proprietary RoofGuard system, a revolutionary option for replacing your roof that uses the latest roofing techniques and technologies to deliver superior protection for your home. In addition to being competitively priced to suit your budget, the RoofGuard system from Able Roofing offers three distinct advantages over traditional asphalt shingle. The system is:

  • Wind-resistant. Your New RoofGuard system will provide superior protection from high winds. If your area sees a great deal of severe weather and intense storms, RoofGuard can ensure your home is protected from the strongest gusts and storm winds. The shingles used in the RoofGuard system are triple-layered fiberglass asphalt shingles with SureNail technology, ensuring the tightest fit with fantastic aesthetics and superior wind protection.
  • Algae-resistant. Many homeowners overlook the dangers that algae growth can pose for their roofs. The RoofGuard system has been specially designed to inhibit algae growth. Unchecked algae accumulation on a roof can deteriorate roof structures and create health hazards for the home’s occupants. Our RoofGuard shingles have been specifically designed to significantly reduce the risk of algae formation on the roof, ensuring you do not experience unsightly discoloration or adverse health risks from it.
  • Class A fire-resistant. You can rely on your RoofGuard system to offer superior protection in the event of a fire. Many homeowners who experience house fires sustain the greatest losses from roofs that become engulfed in flames and collapse. This risk is significantly lower with the RoofGuard system from Able Roof. In addition, the specially designed shingles used in RoofGuard installations have earned Class A fire-resistance classification and provide superior fire resistance compared to most standard roofing shingles.

In addition to these protective benefits, RoofGuard is also a budget-friendly option when it comes to replacing your home’s roof. The Able Roof team will walk you through your options to determine the best RoofGuard solution for your needs and budget.

What is RoofGuard Plus?

If your budget is a serious concern when it comes to replacing your roof, the RoofGuard system is an excellent choice if you want affordability along with superior weather protection. However, if you are willing to invest a bit more in your home’s new roof, the RoofGuard Plus system from Able Roof provides all the benefits of our standard RoofGuard system with a few additional features, most notably the SureNail technology included in the RoofGuard Plus shingles. These triple-layered shingles include an obvious fabric nailing line in every shingle, ensuring complete coverage and consistent installation for every roof replacement with the RoofGuard Plus system.

What to expect when you choose Able Roof

Roof replacements are typically some of the most expensive home maintenance jobs that homeowners need to arrange. Even the best-shingled roofs last about 20 years at most, so eventually, most homeowners will need to arrange roof replacement work on their homes. When you need a roof replacement and want a comfortable blend of affordability, durability, and longevity, RoofGuard from Able Roof is the ideal solution.

Able Roof provides a comprehensive roof replacement service that ensures you feel comfortable and informed about your roof replacement project from start to finish. We work closely with homeowners to assess their needs and their budgetary constraints to deliver stellar results at great prices. If you are interested in upgrading your roof, we are confident that the RoofGuard system can deliver the expected results.

The Able Roofing team understands that facing a roof replacement can be daunting for any homeowner. Many homeowners throughout the US will spend thousands of dollars on new roofs for their homes, and it can be challenging to sort through all the available options to determine the best solution for your home. Roof replacement with RoofGuard from Able Roofing provides peace of mind and a budget-friendly option that does not sacrifice quality in any way. If you are ready to invest in a new roofing solution that you can trust for years to come, contact Able Roofing to learn more about the RoofGuard system and how it can benefit your home.

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