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What Does Climate Change Mean for Home Maintenance?

What Does Climate Change Mean for Home Maintenance?

Many Americans are deeply concerned about the changes in weather seen during the last several years and humanity’s impact on the environment. While there is a tremendous amount of research available that highlights some of the biggest driving forces behind climate change, many homeowners wonder how changes in environmental conditions will impact them at home. If you are building a new home or are already a homeowner, it’s important to understand how anticipated environmental changes are likely to change your home maintenance routine.

How has climate change altered home maintenance in the US?

Homeowners see record-breaking highs and lows throughout the country, more severe storms, and many other weather fluctuations due to climate change. As a result, your home maintenance routine from a few years ago may no longer be tenable if your area has seen dramatic shifts in average temperature and stronger storms in recent years.

It’s now imperative for homeowners to carefully consider climate change when renovating or performing home maintenance. Something as seemingly simple as replacing roof shingles or windows now requires more careful consideration. It’s also vital to anticipate how changes in local weather can create problems around your property.

Home maintenance problems from climate phenomena

Consider the following examples of how climate change can alter your home maintenance routine:

  • Temperature changes can result in more frequent freeze/thaw cycles during the winter. This can create a greater risk of ice dams forming on roofs, leading to more frequently needed roof repairs and a greater risk of ice dam-related injuries.
  • Abnormally high winter temperatures and rain during the winter put additional strain on roofs. In addition, your roof may be under significantly higher strain this year than in previous years due to rainwater making snow heavier, and water infiltration is more likely under these conditions.
  • Severe storms with heavy rain increase the risk of a home sustaining water damage. Additionally, high winds can strip away siding and other exterior cladding elements, exposing the interior of a home to the elements. Heavy rainfall can also increase the risk of flooding for many homeowners.
  • Higher summer temperatures and unexpected heat waves can make it difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures inside poorly insulated and ventilated attic spaces.
  • When climate changes affect local flora, this can increase the number of allergens and plant particles in the air, causing problems for many ventilation and air filtration systems.

These are just a few examples of problems homeowners can face because of climate change. If you have concerns about how the weather has changed in your area in recent years, it’s vital to take a few steps to account for these changes and the anticipated climate changes to come in the near future.

How can I improve home maintenance in the face of climate change?

When it comes to accounting for climate change in your home maintenance routine, prevention and preparedness are your best assets. First, think carefully about the improvements you want to make to your home in the near future and the necessary repairs you need to arrange. Then, adapt your perspective of these issues from the standpoint of anticipating climate change.

Ventilation and air quality are major concerns for any homeowner, especially those who suffer from seasonal allergies or have respiratory conditions that leave them susceptible to poor air quality. If you believe your home requires ventilation or air filtration upgrade, consider your options carefully and choose efficient, reliable options that provide better air quality inside your home.

It’s also possible to incorporate climate-conscious changes into your home with the repairs your home will require over the years. For example, suppose your roof is about due for replacement. In that case, it may be time to consider a different material or a more expansive replacement project than a simple replacement of your roof shingles. Investing in a higher-quality roof that is properly insulated can help your home handle more significant temperature fluctuations.

It’s vital for homeowners to also consider durability in the face of severe storms. Virtually every part of the US will experience severe weather at some point, and you must carefully assess the risk factors for your home when you plan home improvement projects.

Consult reliable home improvement experts

If your home needs some renovation or basic maintenance work, it’s crucial to be forward-thinking as you plan for this work. Able Roof can provide the comprehensive and climate-conscious home improvement work you need to face the future with confidence. Our teams use the latest building materials and techniques to provide roofing, siding, masonry, window replacements, and other home improvement services. Contact Able Roof today for a free estimate and learn how we can help you prepare your home for a changing climate in effective and responsible ways.