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What Do Soffits and Fasciae Do?

What Do Soffits and Fasciae Do?

Regardless of the material or style you choose for your roof, there are many parts that keep the system in peak structural condition. For your rooftop to be protected from damage, including damage caused by moisture or the elements, all of these parts must be in working order.

Although there are some roofing parts that many homeowners are familiar with, this isn’t necessarily true for soffits and fasciae. Many people don’t even know what soffits and fasciae are and what they do to protect an entire roofing system. Rather than wait until it’s too late, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these roofing components before serious damage can occur.

For your home to function and breathe correctly, its soffits and fasciae need to be in good condition. As soon as damage occurs to these so-called “trim components” of your home, you could be faced with serious kinds of property damage, including curling shingles, water damage, rotting wood, and pest infestations. Damaged soffits and fasciae can also negatively impact your home’s ventilation.

The next time you’re in need of roofing repairs, don’t wait to get in touch with Able Roof. Our team of experienced roofers will make sure that your soffits and fasciae are intact and in proper working order.

What are the soffits and fasciae of your roof?

If you’re ever having a conversation about siding or roofing replacement, you’ll probably hear the terms “soffits” and “fasciae” being used. But if you’ve never dealt with any of these issues in the past, you may not be familiar with what these terms actually mean. 


You can find the soffits at the overhang where your siding and roof meet. Whenever snow or rain hits the surface of your roof, the moisture will run down. Once it reaches the overhang, that snow or rain will be directed away from your house.

More specifically, the soffits are located on the bottom side of the overhang. Depending on the roof style of your home, you may or may not have soffits. Still, the soffits are a common part of many roofs in the United States.

The soffits are intended to help regulate the temperature of your home, giving the roof some space to breathe. This occurs when the soffit vent draws in dry, cool air before hotter, moist air can be expelled from rooftop exhaust vents.


The fasciae are the boards that run along the side of your home’s overhang. One purpose of the fascia is to improve the appearance of your roof and help it to look finished. The fascia boards sit just beneath your gutters.

Sometimes, the fascia board is referred to as the “transition trim” between the roofline and house. The fasciae also help to support the shingles, keeping moisture from entering.

When should I replace my soffits and fasciae?

If the soffits and fasciae aren’t in good shape, your shingles and roof are at an increased risk of damage. This is especially true when you’re dealing with weather conditions such as snow, rain, or ice. Then, if ice damming occurs, this can damage the soffits and fasciae even further.

One of the most common reasons someone may need to replace their soffits and fasciae are improper installation. If these parts of your roof weren’t installed correctly, they’re not going to provide sufficient protection or ventilation. Improperly installed soffits and fasciae can also result in flashing problems.

If your roof doesn’t have adequate flashing, it will be prone to serious issues relating to poor ventilation. This could include peeling paint, rotting wood, mold, or damaged insulation.

A few signs that you may need to replace or repair your soffits and fasciae are:

  • You notice a leak or rotting wood.
  • You see peeling paint, or the surrounding areas have started to look discolored.
  • Small animals or pests are finding it easier to get into your home.

If you suspect that your soffits and fasciae are damaged, it’s a good idea to contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible. Damaged soffits and fasciae can negatively impact both the comfort and appearance of your property.

Soffit and fascia repairs and replacement by Able Roof

The next time you’re dealing with damaged soffits and fasciae, know that you can turn to the contractors at Able Roof. Our experts will get right to work on restoring the look and ventilation of your home. To receive a free, no-obligation estimate from us, all you need to do is fill out our online form.

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