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What are the Top Signs that You Need a New Roof?

What are the top signs you need a new roof

The roof of your home has an important role to play. It protects you and your family, as well as your home itself. Depending on your roofing material, most roofs last an average of 20-25 years. Age, wear and tear, and weather damage can all take a toll on your roof, factoring into its overall longevity. This can make it difficult to determine when exactly you should consider investing in a new roof. Luckily, there are a few key signs you can look for when determining if your roof requires repair or a full replacement.

Roof integrity checklist

Keeping an eye on the integrity of your roof can help you anticipate repairs and other damage concerns that can happen over time. This can be done by both looking at the exterior while on the ground, as well as checking certain areas inside your home. It is beneficial to add checking your roof to your list of to-dos at least twice a year. This is especially important if you live in an area that is more susceptible to severe weather damage such as heavy rain, snow, or severe winds.

Check for leaks

Your roof is critical in preventing water leaks from entering your home and causing damage. Water can potentially seep in through your roof if the material is worn out or completely missing. Leaks like this can often be hard to spot until they become larger issues due to their ability to hide within the framework of your roof system or within an attic that is often unvisited.

Water damage caused by leaks through your roof can cause stains, streaks, or water spots in your attic, ceilings, or walls. This damage can travel, so it is important to have a professional come in to determine the true source of the leak as well as the extent of the damage. It is helpful to commit to checking your upper rooms and attic at least twice a year to look for any light seeping through or signs of water damage.

Look for missing and damaged shingles

Your roofing material helps to protect your overall roofing system, and your shingles play an important role in the strength and support of the entire system. You want to check for any cracks, loose shingles, or completely missing shingles. You can also look for damage around any skylights or chimneys. Discoloration around vents can also be a sign that your roofing material isn’t working as effectively as it should.

Any missing or damaged shingles can allow both water and UV ray damage to impact the overall integrity of your roofing system. Your shingles should lay flat against your roof with no curling or cracks. You should also check your gutters for any unusual debris. Your roof will sometimes shed material that has become loose, usually caused by some kind of storm damage.

Check the structure of your roofline

When you look at the exterior of your roof, your roofline should be straight. If you can see any dipping or sagging, it is important to have this examined as soon as possible. This could be a sign of trapped moisture or rotting boards. You should also be mindful if you notice any moss growing on the surface of your roof. This is a clear sign of trapped moisture that needs to be addressed before it can cause more damage to your home.

Weather damage

Mother Nature can take a toll on the lifespan of your roof. Heavy rain, ice, hail, snow, hurricanes, and other weather elements can all put a strain on your roof. Wind can be especially damaging because it can fling around debris that can damage the structure of your roof. It can also tear loose shingles and other materials that are critical in preventing leaks and other harmful damage. Proper maintenance of your roof can help you assess if your roof has been impacted by the elements. This is especially helpful after the winter months and after any serious storm that could have caused damage.

Turn to a professional

If you notice any signs that make you question whether you need a new roof, it helps to turn to a professional for advice. A professional roofer can safely assess any damage to your roof, look for leak risks, and provide the best advice for your next step. If you notice any water damage or are missing shingles, don’t wait until it’s too late. The professionals at Able Roof can help you determine the next best step for your home.