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Vinyl Replacement Windows Columbus, OH

Unhappy with your current windows? Are they old, drafty, and lacking in energy efficiency? Consider investing in vinyl replacement windows in Columbus, OH. Vinyl windows are one of the most popular options in windows today. They offer superior energy efficiency compared to traditional wood and aluminum window frames, as well as having many other benefits. Able Roof can replace your windows with vinyl ones quickly and affordably in Columbus, OH. Contact us today for a free estimate of window replacement services!

What Makes Vinyl Replacement Windows Better Than Other Options?

Vinyl is another name for PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a polymer that, when combined with other elements, produces a strong plastic. Vinyl window materials are naturally resistant to thermal heat. They are also safe and economical. Manufacturers combine PVC with special chemicals to create plastics that are ideal for window frames. The right combination creates vinyl window frames that boast the following benefits:

  • Advanced durability
  • Strong frames that don’t warp
  • Sun-degradation and UV ray resistant
  • Low risk of cracking
  • Resistant to discoloration
  • Less visible scuffs and scratches
  • Combat moisture, humidity, mold, and mildew
  • Resistant to decay over time
  • Recyclable for better environmental-friendliness

Vinyl windows have become one of the most popular options in the world for a reason. They offer better durability, sun resistance, and eco-friendliness than other window frame materials. Advanced technology and increased knowledge about PVC materials has led to the creation of the “perfect” window frames for homes. They are virtually maintenance-free, with only simple cleaning necessary to keep them looking new. They are incredibly durable so your investment will last longer.

When to Schedule Vinyl Replacement Windows in Columbus, OH

Vinyl replacement windows in Columbus, OH are a great choice for homeowners looking to optimize their windows for the long term. They can last longer than wood or aluminum window frames, save more money on energy bills, protect furniture and carpeting from UV rays, and look like new without a lot of maintenance. There’s no need to sand or repaint vinyl window frames! They stay beautiful with low maintenance over the years. Vinyl naturally resists common frame problems like sun fading, discoloration, nicks, and mold.

It might be time to invest in vinyl replacement windows if you’re experiencing issues and inconveniences with your current windows. If your house is always the wrong temperature, your energy bills are unpredictable, you feel drafts of hot and cold air, your windows rattle when it’s windy out, UV rays are damaging your furniture, or you’re just sick of repainting and maintaining your wooden window frames, schedule an inspection to see if it’s a good time to replace your frames with vinyl ones.

Trusted Window Replacement Contractors in Columbus, OH

Able Roof is the number one choice for vinyl replacement windows in Columbus, OH. Our local window replacement services are fast, affordable, and completed by trained and licensed contractors. We’re proud to offer vinyl window frames and our unique, state-of-the-art windows for customers who want the very best on the market. Contact us for more information about vinyl window replacement in your home today.

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