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Trending: Custom Window Treatments

Your window treatments are a major aspect of your home’s décor. Upgrading your shutters, blinds, curtains, drapes, and other window coverings can make a big difference in the look, feel, and comfort of a room. Window treatments give you the power to control light, temperature, and privacy. One of the hottest trends in home improvement today is custom coverings. When people buy replacement windows, they often add style with custom window treatments. Get in the know about this trend to see if it’s right for you.

What Are Custom Window Treatments?

Your home is 100% unique. It deserves 100% unique window treatments. Custom window treatments are tailored to your space, décor, and desires. They are the exact size and shape you need for your windows, skylights, or glass doors, fitting them perfectly and preventing coverings that are too big or too small. They also have the colors, patterns, textures, materials, thickness, and other features you select, completely personalized according to your favorite looks and the amount of room darkening you want. You can customize the following window coverings:

  • Window blindsBlinds. Blinds use slats (louvers), wands, and string ladder systems (or a mechanical box) to give homeowners control over how much light and sun gets inside. Customize every aspect of your blinds, from how much light they let in, to the material – wood, aluminum, cloth, or vinyl.
  • Cornices and valances. A window cornice is a decorative fixture that runs over the top of the window. A valance also hangs above the window. Customize the size, shape, material, and color/pattern of your cornice and valance to match other window coverings.
  • Curtains. Material that covers the window to block or diffuse light, often in pairs on windows. Customize the fabric, color, pattern, size, and opaqueness of curtains.
  • Drapes. Long curtains or panels of fabric that reach from the top of the window all the way to the floor. Customize fabric material, color, pattern, and length.
  • Hardware. Personalize curtain rods, brackets, and other accessories to match the window treatment and the room.
  • Shades. Shades screen light through single pieces of material homeowners can pull up and down. The material type, color, pattern, and thickness are customizable.
  • Shutters. Like blinds, shutters also use louvers that can tilt in and out to control light. They do not, however, move up and down. Customize the material of your shutters, the width of the louvers, the color/stain, and more.

Customized window treatments are a gorgeous addition to any room in the house. No matter which window coverings you choose in your home, customizing them can be the perfect way to make sure they fit with your current needs and style. Ask your window contractor about all your options for window treatments and customization. Different providers may offer different levels of personalization according to their inventories.

What Does the Customization Process Entail?

Window Blinds

With the right window treatment provider, customizing your coverings can be a breeze. You can work with knowledgeable and friendly professionals every step of the way. Look for a provider that offers a wide range of customizable window covering options. You should have your choice of covering type, material, color, size, and more. Then, ask about the company’s customization process. Look for perks like a free design consultation to get you started.

The exact process will vary according to where you purchase your window coverings, but in general, you can expect to work with a designer or other contractor to design your window treatments top to bottom. You may be able to flip through a lookbook or samples for ideas and inspiration if you aren’t sure where to begin. A professional will work closely with you to understand your goals for your room and for your windows.

Once you select the type of window covering you want, choose the pattern that will look best in your space. Current window treatment trends point toward saturated jewel tones, natural and eco-friendly elements, metallics, and layered shades. Work with your contractor to come up with the ideal combination of material, color, and type for your home.

If you want to customize your window coverings but you’re windows are outdated call Able Roof to get a window estimate. We offer custom, energy efficient window installations to fit your style and budget.

How Much Do Custom Window Treatments Cost?

Custom window treatments cost more than pre-cut or off-the-shelf choices. It takes more labor and effort to customize window coverings for clients. The cost of each treatment can vary greatly depending on the features you choose. Homeowners can spend $1,000 or more per window treatment – or much less on more modest covering options. The cost of your custom package is largely up to you.