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Top Columbus Roofers Near Me

Top Columbus Roofers Near Me

The most important people in your life are right under your roof. Therefore, finding the right roofer for your home maintenance and repair is an important task. While there are many from which to choose, the best Columbus roofers are not hard to discover. We’ve compiled the most important qualities of the top Columbus roofers below to guide you in finding the best roofer for you.


Nothing beats a trustworthy business, whether you’re investing in home improvement or getting your car fixed. Finding an honest and morally responsible roofer will not only ensure high-quality craftsmanship and a safe roof over your head, but your budget will appreciate it as well.

Customer service and quality

Property owners shouldn’t have to pick between customer service and quality. Often, well-intentioned companies are so great at what they do, they forget for whom they’re doing it. They become busy and successful and don’t have time to treat their customers with the attention and level of service on which they built their business. Only the top Columbus roofers are seasoned at balancing their craft with their client service. Finding a roofer that values responsibility to the client and excellence in service is possible, and you deserve both.


The top Columbus roofers are conscientious roofers. They have policies in place to guarantee their work. A company that doesn’t offer a guarantee on their work is probably not as reliable as roofers who do guarantee their work. When reading reviews online, look for roofing companies in which their clients go out of their way to commend the way their roofer handled a situation that was less than ideal. If a roofing company doesn’t stand behind its work, then it’s easy to question how good the work can actually be.

Guarantees their work

Being well-established locally is another way to gauge the quality of a Columbus roofing company. Check to see how long they have been in business in the Columbus area and determine if their reputation is favored by previous customers. Ask for references when you request an estimate for your job.

Offers free estimates

Estimates should always be free and come with no obligation. Quotes for service should include material and labor and offer a general idea of the time frame required for the completion of the work. Make sure you understand the guarantee and any warranty available.

Knowledgeable and willing to answer questions

The best roofers are well-versed in the available techniques and materials of the industry, and they are willing to share their experience with customers. If a roofing company doesn’t seem interested in responding to your concerns beforehand, consider how willing they will be to follow up with you later.

Good listener

The needs of the customer should be paramount to any reputable roofer. After all, it is the customer’s money funding the job and the customer’s positive experience that will be shared with other potential clients in the community. If a roofer ignores your requests, no matter how trivial they may seem, then you should probably pass on that company. Additionally, any roofer who takes notes when he or she discusses the job with you is likely evidence they are listening to you.


The best roofers in Columbus are respectful to you, your property, and each other. Roofing is meticulous and sometimes monotonous work. Roofers must be able to hold their attention while balancing on a high, steep slope, carrying out their job in a professional, quality manner, all while staying in communication with fellow team members. Working well with others was never as important as it is when you’re suspended over a structure, in the sun, laying roofing for hours. And when they finish the job, they should be respectful enough to leave your property just how they found it.

Top Columbus roofers

The best roofers in Columbus are most easily revealed through customer reviews. It can be a long process to read through customer reviews for multiple businesses, but it’s the best way to sift through the options and uncover the companies that offer the service options you need. Read Google reviews, as well as social media reviews, in addition to testimonials found on the company’s website.

Experienced Columbus roofers at Able Roof

Able Roof strives to be your pick among the top Columbus roofers. We are confident that we encompass all the qualities mentioned above, and we know you will pick the right roofing company for your needs. Contact us for a free estimate and to find out more about our company and services.