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Tips on How to Save Money on a Roof Replacement

The recommendation for roof replacement doesn’t have to send shivers down your spine – there are ways to save money on this hefty home investment. Instead of depleting your vacation fund or maxing out a credit card, follow these tips from the roofing experts at Able Roof.

We’ve been in the business of affordable reroofing since 1982, and aim to help you make your new roof more affordable. Next time you hear you need a new roof, you’ll take the news without batting an eyelash.

File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Before you pay anything out of pocket, call your homeowners insurance company. Your policy may cover certain types of roof damage, such as storm damage. If you have to replace your roof due to damage from rain, hail, or wind, your policy probably covers repairs and replacements. This is also true for hurricanes, tornadoes, and other “acts of God.”

Your insurer may offer to cover some or all of the costs of roof replacement, as well as repairs to your home’s exterior. Several factors determine whether or not you qualify for coverage. Talk to your insurer before calling a roofing contractor. Able Roof can help with insurance claims to help you get the most out of your policy.

Compare Price Estimates

The only way to ensure the best deal is to compare a few price estimates from different local contractors. Most contractors, including Able Roof, will give free estimates for new roofs at no obligation. An Able Roofing inspector will come to your home free of charge to give you an honest estimate. You are under no obligation to work with our company after this process. Gather a few price estimates from different contractors in central Ohio and select the best option for your project goals and budget.

However, remember that a low price isn’t everything. Don’t jump at the lowest price and think it means you got the best deal. Compare the price estimate with the value you will get from the company.

For example, at Able Roof you’ll receive a warranty that’s good for as long as you live in your home. This applies to materials and labor. Your roofing job will also have the highest quality materials and professional, licensed roofers. Take the benefits of the company into account when comparing price quotes. Get started with a free estimate from Able Roof!

Avoid Scams

On your search for the ideal roofing contractor, learn how to tell the real deals from the scams. There are a few common scams you might find in this industry, such as roofers giving you price estimates that seem too good to be true. Dishonest contractors may low-ball estimates to secure business, and then increase the price after you’ve paid your deposit. Also look out for “storm chasers” – companies that stop at homes door-to-door after a storm to get you to sign up for services on the spot. Avoid these scams by carefully researching the contractor you choose. Read the company’s reviews and testimonials, and search for a Better Business Bureau rating.

Find a Financing Plan

Can’t pay for your new roof in one lump sum? You’re in the majority. Not many homeowners can – or want to – pay for the entire price of a new roof in one large payment. Find a roofer that has flexible financing options to help you tackle the price of roof replacement.

At Able Roof, we provide financing through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. You can get convenient, low-priced monthly payment plans and special financing options for residential roofing services. We want you to get your roof at a lower price without compromising quality. Our monthly payment plans typically start at $69 per month for new roofs. Apply for financing today.

Ask for Proof of Payment

Some unfortunate homeowners have found themselves in a pickle when the roofer they choose doesn’t pay the material bill. Typically, a Columbus roofing company will pay the material bill after it completes a job and receives payment. If the roofer doesn’t pay, the supplier of the materials could potentially encumber your property. This is a financial disaster you can avoid by making sure your roofer gives you proof of payment to the supplier. At Able Roofing, it’s our policy to always supply this proof during every job.

Consider Long-Term Returns

When considering the price of a new roof, factor in your return on investment. Make the most out of your new roof by choosing the best possible quality for the price. A roof with high-quality materials and experienced roofers will last longer than a rushed job. Trusting the right roofing company can mean fewer repairs in the future, ultimately saving you money. It can also postpone the date when you’ll have to pay for another new roof. Stretch the lifespan of your investment with help from Able Roof.

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