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Tips for Choosing a New Roof Color

The roofing material and color you choose will have a bigger effect on the appearance of your home than you might think. When looking for a new color, there are many details to consider. The architectural style, sunlight, geographic location, and surrounding homes are all important factors in choosing a suitable roof color for your home.

Architectural Features

All homes have a style. There are Spanish, French, Mediterranean, Colonial, Southern, Victorian, and Contemporary styles, to name a few. Different roof colors and styles will correspond more positively with different home styles. A simple roof suits a traditional home. Tile roofing might look better on Spanish or Mediterranean homes. Recognizing your house type and the roofing styles that go with it will help you pick a good roof color.

Matching Exterior Features

Some homes have a color theme in their siding or shutters, and there may be a variety of stone or brick masonry on parts of the house. You should consider the colors and tones of those existing features before choosing your roof color.

If you have brick details, you can choose a color scheme that will match it. However, it’s important to choose shades that aren’t a complete match to other parts of your home. The colors should complement your house, but the roof shouldn’t be the exact same color as the house.

If your home is one solid color, you’ll be able to be more creative with the hues on your roof. If your house has a busy color palette, picking a neutral tone for the roof will be a safer option, so it doesn’t clash with the rest of the house.

Sunlight and Geography

Different locations and different times of the day will affect the way the roofing looks. For instance, sunlight in northern cities has a bluish tone, and southern cities receive a reddish light. Taking the type of sunlight into consideration will affect the color of a roof.

Depending on where you live, there might be geographic details your roof should match. For example, homes that are closer to nature may benefit from matching their surroundings and choosing earth tones.

Dark Roofing vs. Light Roofing

Light colored roofs are better for warmer climates because they keep your home cooler. They give your home a fresh and open feel, and may make your home appear larger.

On the other hand, dark roofing absorbs more heat than light roofing does. Darker shingles make homes 10 to 20 degrees hotter whereas light shingles keep homes cooler in warm weather. Dark colored roofs are good for all types of homes, but they will draw more attention to the roof (rather than the siding, windows, etc.).

Consider Your Surroundings

Besides matching any landscaping or nature-related features, you should also consider the homes around you. If you live near other houses, choosing a unique color may make your home stand out or clash with other roofing colors.

If you still have difficulty imagining the proper color for your roof, talk to the professionals at Able Roof; we can help you pick a stunning roof color that will complement your home. If you aren’t ready to invest in a new roof but you are starting the research process, you can compare different roof colors on a variety of homes in our gallery.