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The Ultimate Guide to Replacement Windows

Replacing windows is a difficult task that requires no small amount of research. Making a well-informed decision is imperative for home and business owners who want to get the most out of their investments. The more you know about window types, styles, materials, energy ratings, and installations, the better. Use this guide to replacement windows to learn more about this popular improvement project before you make any major decisions.

In this guide, you’ll learn facts, information, and tips from the replacement window experts at Able Roof. We’ve been in the window business since 1986. We keep up with the latest technologies and advances in residential and commercial windows to continue to deliver top-quality services to customers throughout the United States. When it comes to outstanding window installation and the all the facts surrounding it, Able Roof is the number one source for information. Start here to learn everything you need to know about replacement windows.

When to Replace Old Windows

Scheduling a building improvement project like replacement windows requires the property owner’s assurance that it’s the right time to do so. Replacing your windows too early can be a waste of a previous investment. Waiting too long to replace old, outdated windows, however, can create problems such as lost energy efficiency, drafts, and lack of building security. While only a professional can tell you when to replace your windows, knowing what to look for can certainly help. The following signs point to the need for a window overhaul:

Irreparable damage

Sometimes windows sustain damages that are past the point of no return. Shattered glass is an obvious example, but some damages are less obvious. Damage such as warped or swollen window frames, for instance, may not seem like major issues – until your energy bills start increasing and you can’t open or close your windows. It’s better to replace rather than repair seriously damaged windows.

Fogged glass

Fogged glass in certain types of weather is a sign that your windows are letting indoor air out and outdoor air in. Glass can fog after a low-quality installation or over time as your insulation weakens and lets air through. While fogged glass in itself isn’t a major problem, it can point to bigger issues such as energy inefficiency.

Leaking windows

Your windows should not let in any moisture from outside. If they do, it can lead to warped frames and sashes, wood damage, wood rot, mold, mildew, humidity, and temperature changes inside your home. You might be able to repair a leaking window temporarily, but are you really solving the problem? Replace leaking windows entirely for total peace of mind – even during storms.

Storm damage

Speaking of storms, significant weather damage is another good reason to replace your old windows. If you have to worry about the integrity of your windows during wet or windy weather, replace them with safer models. New windows use special materials and designs to remain stable even in extreme weather. Smart new windows can stay strong and safe during a storm without cracking, peeling, or chipping.

High energy bills

Your windows are one of the biggest components of your building’s energy efficiency. If your windows are failing at separating indoor and outdoor air, as well as protecting your interior from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, you could be losing money. High energy bills could be a sign that you need newer, more modern windows to save energy.

Hot or cold glass

Place your hand against the glass of your windows during different seasons of the year. If the glass gets really hot or freezing, it’s a sign of poor insulation and energy efficiency. No amount of caulking or weather stripping can fix temperature changes that come from the glass itself. Newer windows offer superior tinting, UV ray blocking, and insulation for a more comfortable home.

Low curb appeal

Do your windows do anything for the look and overall curb appeal of your home or business? If not, treat yourself to replacement windows. Gorgeous new windows with custom frames and crystal-clear glass can make a world of difference in the appearance of a building. Choosing high-quality window replacements can enhance the overall design of a home.

Old windows

When’s the last time your home or business got new windows? A general rule of thumb is to replace your windows every 20 years, although vinyl windows can last longer. Old windows are prone to problems such as cracks, drafts, and leaks. Schedule a window inspection if you’re not sure how old your windows are. Windows in particularly bright spots might wear out faster than those in other locations.

Historic windows

If you own a historic building that still has the original windows, hire a skilled craftsman for window replacement. The right contractor can maintain the beauty and integrity of a historic building while still upgrading the windows to safe and more efficient models. Replacing your windows doesn’t have to mean losing the appeal of your old home or business.

The building is for sale

Replacement windows are right up there with reroofing when it comes to listing a home or business for sale. New windows can boost the resale value of a property, add curb appeal, and result in more bids on the home. Many property owners can completely make up the cost of window replacement in the higher sale value.

When in doubt about the integrity of your existing windows, hire a trusted window contractor to inspect them. The team at Able Roof is always honest and straightforward with repair and replacement suggestions. We never make recommendations we don’t 100% believe are necessary. We can come to your home or business, inspect your windows, and let you know if it’s the right time for a replacement. Our professionals can accurately gauge exactly when it’s time to replace your windows before it’s too late.