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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Whether it’s a new home or replacing your outdated solutions, it doesn’t matter. Metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular answer. And it isn’t hard to see why, especially given the various benefits that they bring.

Here’s why you should consider it as the answer to your roofing needs.

Value for your money

orangeAs far as the initial layout is concerned, metal roofing can cost more than the alternatives. However, the key element for any major purchase is value for money.

The lifespan of our metal roofs can be up to 3 or 4 times longer than asphalt shingled roofs and they require a lot less maintenance. At Able Roofing we use a mixed metallic coating that prevents natural rust formation and retains a fresh shine. This not only lowers the amount of maintenance required, but eliminates the hassle of calling out professionals to complete the work.

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in Ohio. Lucky for us, metal roofs stand up great against all types of inclement weather. Snow and rain slide off easily, and they can even resist winds up to 120 mph. Not only that, but they are actually more energy efficient than your average shingles and largely made from recycled materials, making metal roofing an eco-friendly choice. You can even save from 10-25% in heating and cooling costs, making it a wallet-friendly choice as well.pool

Less Hassle

Some things in life are worth more than money. Nobody wants to have their life disrupted by the installation of roofing. Metal materials are far easier to install than alternatives on the market.

Those direct installations aren’t the only process to be made shorter from this choice. Our metal roofs are up to 30% lighter than asphalt and largely made of recycled materials. The lighter material often means that less work is needed on the supporting structure.

Ultimately, metal roofing will make life that little bit easier and that’s something every homeowner can enjoy.

Trendyred roof

Do you want your home to stand out? Not only do you get your money’s worth and less hassle, but metal roofing is unique and beautiful. We specialize in residential standing seam metal roofing systems. In fact, we are proudly, one of the only contractors in the state that will take your measurements and cut the metal at your location, leaving no room for error. We have a variety of colors to fit any home style, and our customers have even noted that the noise from a metal roof is much more natural than a traditional roof. Request a free estimate and find out how much a metal roof installation will cost.

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