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Soffit Vents 101: A Guide for Homeowners and Roofing Companies

All homeowners and roofing companies know how important roofs are; a good roofing system protects families from the elements and keeps you dry and warm. But today the question isn’t what your roof can do for you; it’s what you can do for your roof! That’s right, it’s time to give back to your roof and make sure it is running as smoothly as possible. Soffit vents are the way to achieve this.

Are soffit vents right for your home?

Experienced roofing contractors know that soffit vents can help optimize your roof in many ways. First and foremost, they aid in evening out the ventilation in your roof and provide a steady flow of air to your attic that will extend your roof’s shelf life. An increase in air flow will also prevent ice dams from forming, as well at attic condensation in cooler months. In warmer months, soffit vents will allow fresh, cool air into the attic, while your roof vents blow out the hot air. They will help keep your home cooler, thus, saving you money on air conditioning costs. As you can see, there are many benefits of soffit vents for your roof.

How many soffit vents do I need?

If the bountiful benefits of soffit vents seem appealing to you, it’s time to figure out how many you will actually need for your home. To determine this, you will want to check the building code for your city, and see if there are any rules or regulations for soffit vents for residential roofing. You can also call roofing companies in Columbus Ohio and ask if they can tell you how many soffit vents are needed for your home. Some companies might even send their roofers to your home for a free evaluation.

What types of soffit vents should I have?

There are several types of soffit vents in which you can choose from for your roofing system. Most roofing companies in Columbus Ohio will be able to help you decide which will work best for your home. For instance, you can have continuous soffit vents—which as their name suggests, run the whole length of your soffit. You can also have circular soffit vents, or you can opt for perforated vents, which are especially made for vinyl siding.

Installation time

The installation process for soffit vents is actually not as complicated as one might think. If you want to make it a DIY project, it will probably take you two to four hours to complete. You will just need to cut holes in the soffit and screw the vent over the hole, making sure the soffit vents are installed right under the eave. Be sure to have gloves and a mask/goggles handy, for protection. If you aren’t the weekend warrior type, don’t hesitate to call a few roofing companies in Columbus Ohio to receive estimates.

After reading this article, you are “so fit” to pick out the perfect soffit vents to optimize your roofing system.

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