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Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

There’s nothing like a crackling fireplace to make your home feel comfy and cozy. As fall turns to winter, homeowners in Columbus need to assess the health of their chimneys before fireplace season. Over time, chimneys can experience problems with the flashing, mortar, cap, and crown. If left unattended, these issues can result in major damage to the entire home. Learn the signs that you need chimney repair to catch and resolve problems early.

Water Leaks

Chimney RepairOne surefire indication of a chimney problem is signs of water or water damage. If you notice water in your fireplace after a heavy rainstorm, you probably have a chimney leak. Causes of chimney leaks include worn-down mortar, torn flashing, and cracks in the crown. Look for moisture or condensation in your chimneystack, spalling (pieces of chimney chipping away), or salt deposits building up on your bricks. A leaky chimney can eventually cause water damage in your siding, walls, and ceiling, as well as issues in your chimney like leaning or collapse.

Mortar Damage

Visually inspect your chimney for problems with its mortar. The mortar is the material that holds the bricks, stones, blocks, or stucco of your chimney together. Exposure to rain, snow, ice, sun, and temperature changes can all damage your mortar joints. Call masonry experts in Columbus to inspect your mortar and repair or replace it as necessary. Damaged mortar can let in rain and moisture, as well as reduce the structural integrity of your chimney. Failing to address the problem could result in a collapse.

Rusty Components

If you notice rust forming on your firebox, damper, or other metal components within your fireplace, it’s time for repairs. Too much moisture in your chimney can ultimately lead to flue tiles cracking – a dangerous problem that can cause house fires. If your damper won’t seal, it’s another sign of moisture damage (even if you don’t see rust). A professional can use special equipment, such as a chimney camera, to inspect the lining of your flue for hazardous breaches.

Shaling Flue Tiles

Shaling refers to thin slices of flue tiles coming off due to a damaged liner. If you notice thin pieces of your chimney in the fireplace, you may have a serious problem with the lining of your flue. Prevent house fires by calling in a chimney expert right away. You may want to swap out your flue for a stainless-steel version, which typically comes with a lifetime warranty. Shaling flue tiles are a sign of a major issue in your chimney and a definite need for repairs.

Cracked Chimney Crown

The crown of your chimney is the cement portion at the top of the chimneystack. Inspect your crown for cracks or breaks in the cement. Cracks at the crown require repairs to prevent water from entering the cracks, worsening them, and allowing water to seep into the chimney. Prevent issues with the crown by waterproofing your chimney. If you believe you’re in need of chimney repairs, schedule a free inspection with Able Roof. We make chimney repair in Columbus, OH, a breeze.