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Siding Improvements to Boost Curb Appeal

Siding Improvements

As the Covid-19 pandemic slowly winds down in the United States, the housing market has become, for lack of a better word, insane. More people than ever before are looking to move, but few houses are available for sale. There’s a country-wide lumber shortage, making new construction difficult and expensive. As it stands, buyers are committing to new properties sight unseen, with very little wiggle room for a walk-through, much less price negotiations. Though this situation is relatively unprecedented, some aspects of the market remain the same. Homes that have been well kept are selling for more money, and buyers still want a nice aesthetic for their new homes. If you are looking to sell your home, the process certainly may be shorter than usual, but a certain amount of effort still needs to be made to sell. Here are some ideas for how to boost your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re planning to sell soon or are simply trying to improve your property.

New siding

Siding does need to be replaced from time to time. Depending on the type of siding you have, you will likely need to consider replacements after about 20 years. Some siding may last longer than this, but 20 years is a good rule of thumb to ensure that your home is well protected. There are many kinds of siding to consider when replacement is on the table. Here is a quick guide to common types of siding and what they can do for your home:

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is a common choice for homes because it is incredibly durable without being heavy or expensive. Vinyl rarely fades with the sun, requires little upkeep, and can be easily washed if it begins to look dirty. Vinyl can often also be retrofitted, so you may not even need to remove current siding if it’s in good shape.

Wood siding

Many people assume that wood siding is not a good choice for a home, but it has many perks that make it an excellent option. Many types of wood are resistant to mold and insects, which few other siding options can claim. Wood siding can also be repainted or stained relatively easily, so it’s cost-effective to change your home’s color or aesthetic if you so choose. Though wood is more flammable than other siding materials, many wood siding products can be treated with a flame-retardant coat to keep your family safe.

Metal siding

Lots of homeowners opt for vinyl over metal, but metal is still an excellent option. Its durability will likely last a lifetime, and it is easy to install. It needs to be treated in a unique way when damaged, but with the proper understanding, metal siding can be an excellent cost-effective option for your home.

Exterior painting

Depending on your home’s exterior, you may simply need a new coat of paint to give the exterior a refresh. Remember that many vinyl options are infused with their color, so there is no paint involved. This means that the color will remain constant, but it also means that it cannot be changed without a total replacement. However, if you have a non-vinyl form of siding, you may be able to add a fresh coat of paint to increase curb appeal.

Update your doors

You would be surprised how much a new front door can update the look of your home. With thousands of styles and colors to choose from, replacing your front door can give the whole facade a more polished and welcoming look. If you’re pleased with the door but unimpressed by the color, you can simply repaint the door with tough enamel paint to change the hue. If you choose to do this, consider going with a bold color! A door is a great accent area to play with color and style, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it. As long as the color looks good with the siding and rest of the exterior, buyers will likely see a bold door as a perk.

Roofing replacement

Many potential buyers will pass on your home if the roof is in bad shape. Because the roof is so essential to the well-being of the whole house, a faulty or old roof indicates a general lack of upkeep. As roofs can be costly and a hassle to replace, many buyers would rather keep looking than buy a home with a roof that isn’t in top condition. If yours is old or beginning to exhibit signs of wear, you may want to consider replacing or repairing your roof before you list your home.

Spruce up your windows

Replacing or updating your windows can give your home significant appeal to potential buyers. Window technology has changed significantly in the last decade, and modern models are much better at keeping treated air inside and outdoor air outside. Buyers are generally happy to see that the windows are new, and it often looks more polished from the outside. If you have relatively new windows, consider repainting the window trim or shutters to make your home appear extra put together. Painting shutters to match your bold door is another excellent way to update your exterior reasonably cheaply. No matter what you do, be sure your windows are clean before you put your home on the market.

Update your fixtures

One of the simplest and most cost-effective things you can do to your home’s exterior to increase curb appeal is to update your home’s cosmetic fixtures. These include doorknobs, outdoor sconces, house numbers, etc. It may seem like a small project, but you’d be surprised how many potential buyers appreciate the details. Updating small parts of your home shows that you have cared for the house and kept it up to date, even when those updates were nonessential.

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