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Save Money with Roof Repairs and Maintenance

When the leaves start to fall, it is a sure sign cold weather is on its way. Columbus gets an average of 24 inches of snow every year between December and March, and some years even more than that. The worst time to find out that your roof has problems is when it is covered in a foot of snow. Maintenance can seem like an unnecessary hassle at the time, but if you put it off you could end up dealing with interior water damage on top of roof repairs.  Autumn is the ideal time of year to inspect your roof and do routine maintenance before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Call Able Roof when you need roof repair in Columbus.

Fall Maintenance Checklist

There are things you can do yourself to help your roof last as long as possible. Each fall take these steps:

  • Clean clogged gutters.
  • Install gutter guards to keep out debris.
  • Clear away leaves and limbs that have fallen on your roof.

Signs Your Roof Needs Expert Maintenance

Routine maintenance can extend the life of your roof to save you money. Be on the lookout for signs your roof might need attention:

  • You hear rumbles and pops from overhead at night.
  • Your roof is 20 or more years old, or you’re not sure of its age.
  • Your shingles are starting to look rough. Look for curling or chipping around the edges, missing shingles or a silvery appearance.
  • Your roof line sags or dips.
  • The flashing around your chimney is damaged or missing.
  • You notice a leak.

Why Fall Roof Repair Saves Money

Planning ahead almost always results in savings. If you have your roof inspected and maintained by Able Roof, your local, Columbus roof repair company,  you can feel confident about facing the bad weather months with a roof that is ready to protect your home against the elements.

If you wait until the first big storm, then find out you have a problem, you won’t be the only one. When weather turns bad, roofing contractors find themselves stretched thin. As soon as the snow thaws everyone in need of roof repair or replacement is asking for their help.

Prices for labor and materials go up when there’s not enough supply to meet demand. If a lot of customers need services, you may have to wait. While you wait, water can still get into your home. A leaking roof can lead to mold and mildew growth, damage ceilings and light fixtures, even structural decay. Repairing the damage might cost much more than making simple fall repairs.

If your roof needs to be replaced, fall is the best time to have it done. Contractors are available and materials are often available at end-of-the-year prices. They can complete your roof replacement while the temperature is still pleasant.

Able Roof offers free, no-obligation, roof inspections and estimates. If you suspect your roof has a problem, we’ll be happy to take a look. Our Columbus roofing contractors have the tools and the expertise to provide the most cost-effective solutions if you need roof repair. When your roof nears the end of its lifespan, we have multiple roof financing options. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.