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Roof Dormer Types

Francois Mansart may have inspired the mansard roof, but he probably couldn’t fathom how much he would affect roofing companies and modern architectural roofing design. When Mansart came up with this idea, his roof was steep – this made this type of roof space typical in an attic, or a sleeping room. The additional space and light given to these spaces were called dormers, from the French word “dormir”, which means, “to sleep.”

Today, however, dormers are built in many different ways when roofing Ohio homes. While you might consider taking a quick nap up there, homeowners and roofers opt for them in their design for reasons aside from that.

Common Types of Dormers

roofing companies know that dormers can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are the structures commonly seen extended from slanted roofs. In most homes, they will provide a structural frame for windows. Therefore, you will see windows in dormers as part of their architectural design.

  • Gable Roof Dormers are those which have a gable-styled roof a top – one which consists of two sloping planes that meet at the ridge beam in the center.
  • Hip Roof Dormers have a similar structure to a gable roof dormer but a different design. There are three sloping planes. A roof contractor will often suggest this type of dormer in areas with high winds.
  • Eyebrow Dormers are the ones you will see that have a low upward curve and no vertical sides. They look much like a half opened eye.
  • Inset Dormers, also known as recessed dormers, are set back into the roofing
  • system. This gives them a distinct architectural style.
  • Shed Dormers are the simplest form of dormers. These have a roof with a single sloping plane. Many homes that can be found utilizing colonial revival architecture commonly have this type of dormer.

Depending on budget and roofing finance, each type of dormer comes with pros and cons. When looking to add space to an attic, roofing companies know that gable dormers fit perfectly for many types of homes. However, depending on the type of home you are looking to make an addition to, you may want to consider all of your options first. Different styles of homes are better suited for different types of dormers, so why not have some professionals stop by for roof inspections and give you advice. Aesthetics are important for a home – after all, you have to look at your decision for many, many years!

For many homeowners, cost is the major factor. You will want to talk to one of the many roofing companies about materials and cost-effective roof financing decisions when considering adding a roof dormer to your home.

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