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Reasons to Replace Your Vinyl Siding in Columbus, Ohio Before Winter

Why You Should Replace Siding Before Winter in Columbus, Ohio

The covering of your house is very important for both aesthetics and performance. Millions of people choose vinyl siding because of its cost efficiency, easy availability, range of color choices, and clean appearance. Even the best siding must be replaced every so often, however. We’ll go over how to tell if you need a replacement, and why you should get your vinyl siding in Columbus, Ohio, installed before winter arrives.

Look for Signs of Aged Siding

Autumn Siding Installation in Columbus, OH

For most types of vinyl siding, manufacturers recommend replacement every 10 to 15 years. There are some indications, however, that may help you decide if you need to revamp it a little earlier. Check your siding after periods of extreme weather or as the seasons change to identify any warning signs. These may include:

  1. Bubbles and blistering. The surface of your siding may have thin raised spots or similar warping. This is generally a sign that it’s been exposed to extreme heat, such as a fire built too close. Aside from looking bad, it can alter the fit of your siding and cause gaps.
  2. You have loose pieces. Siding should always be securely fastened to your home. If any plank can be wiggled or moved, it’s the sign of a problem.
  3. There is a high level of fading. The vinyl should stand up to the sun for years, but everything has a life expectancy. Fading is especially easy to detect if one side sees significantly more sunlight that the other.
  4. You see holes/chips/cracks. Old age can cause it too, but physical impacts frequently damage siding. This can be from wildlife, hail, lawnmowers, and anything in between. It’s a good idea to examine your home’s siding closely for any destruction.
  5. Dry rot. This is an obvious sign, but if there is any sort of mold or fungus around your siding, it’s not doing its job correctly. Walking around and checking your home should reveal any rot.
  6. You’re having paint or wallpaper issues. Yep, that’s right, failing siding can damage the interior of your home, too. If you’re noticing excessive moisture, it could be due to faulty vinyl.

Why Autumn is the Best Time for Siding Replacement

Professional Siding Installation in Columbus - Able Roofing Siding ReviewsSpring and summer are always solid options for home repair and renovation, but working in autumn may be the best way to prepare your home for winter. First, new siding will likely provide more insulation than your current setup. With temperatures beginning to drop, you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible. Replacing the siding before cold weather really sets in will help hold heat longer and reduce the workload on your central air unit.

It may be easier to get an appointment in the fall, too. Most people have their projects completed in the summer. That leaves autumn as a wind-down period for companies like Able Roofing, which specializes in vinyl siding in Columbus. With fewer projects to tackle, it’s likely that you’ll be served sooner.

Replacing the siding on a home can take some time, depending on the size. Fall days are fantastic for construction workers, however. The temperatures are more comfortable than summertime, so it’s not as hard on the crewmembers. Fall also has much longer days than winter, so the professionals will be able to devote more hours to your job and knock out even the most extensive projects in a timely manner.

It’s actually easier to work with siding in the fall than later in the year. In extreme cold, the vinyl can become brittle and will be much more likely to crack or break. The weather is ideal for installing siding that will last for years to come.

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