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How Do You Replace Your Roof on a Tight Budget?

Roof replacements can be unforeseen expenses for your home, but there are options available to help with costs. The best way to prepare for a roof replacement is to pay attention to the health of your roof. Hiring a professional to come out for a look can help to determine when your roof might need replacing. You can then begin to budget and plan ahead of time, so you won’t be caught off guard.

Check for a Roofing Warranty

We have spoken to many homeowners who were surprised to find their roof was still under warranty. Talk about a wonderful surprise! If your roof is damaged and needs repair, a warranty may cover it.

Research Your Options

When you begin the process of shopping for a new roof, decide the type of materials you’d like. Asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective option up front. There are many different shingle types to choose from, so find one you like. When you begin to shop for estimates, you can use this material as the basis for the calculation.

Contact A Roofing Expert for An Estimate

Good roofing companies have your best interests at heart and understand you want the best price possible. When you have finished some preliminary research, have your top choice come visit your home to provide an estimate. The estimate should be detailed, including the cost of materials and labor. The contractors may also be able to provide you with more affordable alternatives.

Consider Temporary Repairs

If you simply can’t afford the estimates, consider repairing the work temporarily until you can save money. Sometimes, the damage is severe enough for this not to be an option. A reputable contractor will be able to provide you with an assessment and work to save you money.

Consider Financing

Unfortunately, a roof replacement sometimes can’t wait. If you have a heavily damaged roof or water damage to the attic, a replacement can’t wait. Many clients in this situation have come to us for affordable financing options. Wells Fargo provides our financing and involves a simple application. If you are approved, you will have a low monthly payment for a set term. This option allows your roof to be replaced immediately but helps those homeowners who didn’t see the expense coming.

Able Roof

Here at Able Roof, we provide free estimates to anyone who requests one. When we come to your home, we treat you like family and explain all options available. Our experts will provide you with a detailed estimate of services and help you find options to fit your budget. If you choose to use our financing, we can walk you through the process and complete your project in a timely manner. Our company works largely from the recommendations of previous customers, which shows how much we value our clients. Contact our team today.