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Questions to Ask a Window Replacement Company

New windows can reduce your energy bills and add value to your home. When you’re shopping for a window replacement company, ensure that your experience will be professional and high quality by asking these questions:window2

Do you charge for an estimate?

Many of the most established companies offer a free consultation, as we do at Able Roof. Although the answer has no connection to the quality of their work, it’s something you need to know beforehand so you’re not surprised with a charge.

Is your company insured?

Although the majority of contractors are covered, you may stumble across a few that aren’t. Insurance protects your home and their business, so avoid uninsured companies. You can also ask that they provide proof of insurance if you want to be certain.

How much construction experience do you have?

How much background do you have with windows, specifically? When trusting a company with your home, you want to know that it has the proper skills for the job. Experience is always beneficial, and you should stay away from businesses that won’t offer a straight answer.

 Is your team your own, or do you subcontract?

Calling in specialized workers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hiring an expert may actually lead to a better job if the business doesn’t have much experience with windows, but you should know if there will be people working on your house that aren’t directly associated with the company you hire.

 Do you have referrals from past customers?window

Hearing about skill and professionalism firsthand gives you a good idea about the quality of a business’ work. Those with good reputations should provide testimonials from pleased patrons.

Do you offer installation warranty?

In addition to the guarantee from window manufacturers, contractors may offer a separate warranty for their work. It’s wise to choose a brand that stands behind its services.

Will the company owner/lead contractor be onsite during the process?

If you’re dealing with a large company, the answer may be no. Installation can be just as flawless without the owner present, but it’s another aspect to be aware of.

Is there a portfolio of your work I can view?

Pictures of previous projects show precisely how you can expect yours to turn out. Ask to view images, and look at them closely. If a part of the project doesn’t seem to be 100%, ask about it.

Is there a particular window brand that you recommend? Why?

Knowing what sort of products companies prefer reveals the factors that they think are important, like durability. Find out how much you might be able to save on energy. Windows have come a long way over the years and there are a lot of energy efficient and green options. Asking about this also allows for independent research on the different window types and options.

What styles do you offer?

There’s nothing wrong with replacements that are the same as your existing windows, but there are many other options to add personal touches to your home. Check that the contractor has a variety if you’re interested in a more unique

 Can I contact you for service issues after the installation?

Choose a company that can maintain your purchase once it’s placed instead of relying on corporations that may be miles away. This is less of an issue for those who make their own windows, as you eliminate the middleman. Watch out, some companies may throw in a warranty loophole if other businesses service the windows.

What’s my time-frame from placing an order to installation?

It’s important to know how long this process will take—particularly the installation. You want to find the right balance between quality and speed. Replacing windows for your entire house isn’t a job for a day, but it shouldn’t take a whole month, either.

 How do you finish the interior of the windows?

Some agencies will include painting in their installation, and others don’t. Find out exactly what you’re paying for, and check the competitors’ options.

Do permits fall under your responsibilities?

Some areas require that you have a license before you install new windows. Do your homework before calling to find out if you need them. If they’re necessary, it’s handy to skip the paperwork and let the company handle it.

This may seem like quite a few questions, but it’s worth the time to guarantee that your project will be done in a timely and skillful manner. Quality windows and installation will lead to beauty and functionality for years to come. We have over 30 years of experience, the best warranty in the industry, and over 200,000 satisfied customers. Able Roof is a local, professional company you can trust.