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Protect Your Roof during Hurricane Season!

Hurricanes are one of the biggest threats that homeowners face in protecting their roofing systems. Over 50 million American homes are at risk, and the damage can be costly both in terms of money and human life. In 2005, for instance, the infamous Hurricane Katrina resulted in almost $18 billion in homeowners’ insurance claims, as well as thousands of fatalities. It is best to prepare yourself and your Columbus roofing system well in advance of a hurricane in order to lessen potential damage. Since hurricane season spans the beginning of June to the end of November, you should start possible storm preparations sooner than later.

Left out in the rain?  Stay Ahead of the Storm and Inspect Your Columbus Roofing System

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that your roof undergoes the most stress when a hurricane hits; hurricane winds can hit harder than 155 mph and threaten to pull off and destroy shingles, tiles, and the underlying roof deck. The good news is that inspecting your Columbus roofing system can help as a well-maintained roof can resist high winds.

Therefore, you should set aside one day a year to inspect your roof; or you can hire a Columbus roofing contractor to do the job. If you choose the DIY route, be sure to look for curled, loose or missing shingles/roof tiles and make sure that nails are secure and are placed about every four inches. If possible, inspect your roof from inside your attic as well. Be on the lookout for any gaps that might let in wind and water.

You’ve Completed the Inspection of Your Columbus Roofing System.  Now What?

After you’ve thoroughly inspected your Columbus Roofing system, it is time to make the necessary updates and adjustments. You should replace any loose or missing nails in your shingles or at the points that your roof deck connected to the rafters. Another common roofing remedy is to make sure everything is glued down tightly and securely. Apply roofing cement to the edges of your shingles using a caulking gun, and apply a layer of construction adhesive along the sides of rafters and trusses at the parts where they connect to the roof deck.

You may also consider investing in hurricane straps, which are made of galvanized metal and attach to almost any type of Columbus roofing system. These heavy duty straps hold the roof to the walls of the house, lessening the chance that your roof will be blown off by high winds. This will protect you and your family in the event of a hurricane, while also protecting your neighbors from any chance of flying debris.

Hurricane-Proof Columbus Roofing Systems

In the event that your Columbus roofing system needs replacement, consider hurricane-proof material. Shingles and concrete tiles can be manufactured to resist damage and provide strong protection for your home. Perhaps metal roofs are the best option, as they are considered to be the most resistant roofing material to wind and hail.

Lastly, find out if your insurance company offers discounts to homeowners who’ve taken steps to minimize storm damage. This way you will save money and protect your Columbus roofing system at the same time. For a free roof replacement estimate, visit our free estimate page.

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