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Preparing Your Roof For A Major Storm

During the spring months, many people are preparing themselves for warmer weather. Boots are slowly put away, heavy jackets are swapped for lighter ones, and kids can start to play outside more often. As the temperatures rise and we start to thaw, many families begin to focus on happier outdoor times. Though spring is a wonderful time of year, it also indicates the beginning of tornado season. For those of us who live in Ohio, tornado season is nothing new. We’ve all learned how to keep ourselves safe at school and work in case of a tornado, and we keep an eye on the sky color and forecast on stormy days. While we know how to protect ourselves and our families, many homeowners do not know that there are ways to protect the home from tornadoes as well. By following a few tips, you can prepare your home for tornado season and reduce the risk of serious damage in the event of extreme weather.

Secure outdoor furniture

The first and easiest step you can take to protect your home is to secure all outdoor furniture or move it into a garage or basement. Patio furniture is often durable, but even the sturdiest of tables and chairs can easily get swept up in tornado winds. These same winds can cause your outdoor furniture to come crashing into your home, causing serious damage to your walls and roof. Removing your furniture from your yard is a great way to mitigate damage and ensure that your home, and your outdoor loungers and chairs, remain intact. 

Have your roof inspected

A great way to prepare for storm season is to have your roof inspected by a professional. An expert will be able to tell you if there has been damage done to your shingles and if there are any concerning areas or problems. Some of the main problems would be:

  • Rot or deterioration on any part of the roof. The decomposition of roofing materials leaves the whole structure in a vulnerable position. Strong winds and falling debris can easily break through a roof, especially if it is in a state of decay.

  • Leaks. Any leaking part of your roof is an indication that there has been damage done. Small leaks can turn into large problems if left unsealed, especially during a tornado.

  • Loose nails. Any loose parts of your roof become a liability under the pressure of strong winds. Securing them is a simple way to protect your roof.

A professional roofer can thoroughly examine your roof and help you to prepare for extreme weather as well as possible.

Have your trees trimmed

Maintaining your trees and other yard foliage is a great way to reduce the damage that can be done to your roof. Tall or old trees are especially vulnerable to breaking under high pressure. A professional landscaper will be able to assess weak spots in your tree and groom accordingly. By eliminating weak spots, you are reducing the places that your trees could break and fall on your roof or home. Trimming any small branches can also help. These aspects of a tree may seem small, but when thrown about at tornado speeds, they become a liability. You should have your trees inspected and trimmed in the spring, even if you did so in the fall, as heavy snow can cause new breakages or weak spots that were not present in the fall.

Clean your gutters

An immense amount of debris can get caught in your gutters over the winter. This debris becomes especially dangerous during severe weather, as it prevents water from draining off your roof quickly and effectively. With nowhere to go, the water will end up leaking into your home or causing damage to your roof. Clean gutters can help to direct the water to the appropriate places and keep flooding from happening. While you or a professional are cleaning the gutters, be sure to tighten them as well to reduce the chances of them flying off and creating damage during strong winds.

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