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How to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to tackle large home improvement projects. The largest item that should be on your checklist is your roof. Now is the time to have it checked for debris and obvious signs that it might be in need of repair.

Inspecting Your Roof

When inspecting your roof, you should look to see if it’s damaged in any way; check for signs of moss growth, damaged shingles, and clogged gutters. Check inside your attic as well to make sure that ice dams, hail, or snow loads haven’t left you with a compromised system, and that your attic insulation is still intact.

Shingles and Flashing

It’s also important to closely examine your shingles. After harsh weather conditions, shingles can tear, break, bend, and become scratched, punctured, or go missing. There may be a loss of granulation, which will make shingles more vulnerable to sun damage. Keep an out for missing or loose shingles. Debris can damage roofs as well as rain, heat, and strong winds. Checking carefully for damaged shingles will help you decide if you need to repair parts of the roof or if you need to replace the whole thing.

You should also check your flashing, which is the metal strip that protects your shingles. If the flashing is rusting or looks warped, it may be time to replace it.

If you discover aging or damage to your roof, contact Able Roof right away. Learn more about our roofing services and browse our special offers.


Checking your gutters is essential, especially when dealing with so many summer storms. When winds blow debris onto the roof, dirt, bugs, and other objects can fall into the gutters and downspouts.

This can clog them and when it rains, water will overflow and cause damage areas near the house. It can lead to damaged gutters as well. It’s important to keep your gutters clear to prevent water from overflowing.

Receive a Professional Inspection

Replacing roofs is better done in late spring and early summer compared to winter months, so if you need your roof replaced, doing it before the summer is the best choice.

Checking your roof regularly throughout the year will help maintain it and keep it looking attractive, strong, and secure. Taking the time to check for small damages throughout the year will help you protect your roof from major issues later on. Able Roof is here for you and all your exterior repairs or replacements.

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