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Powell Ohio Window Replacement

Replacement Window Competitor Comparison
Increased viewing area by 27%. Competitors window on the left, Able Roof’s window on the right.

If you have ever needed roofing in Powell, Ohio, chances are you’ve heard of Able Roof. While roof is in the name, we perform other services with the same quality you can trust. There are several ways we can make your home energy efficient and warmer this winter. A new roof and blow-in insulation are two of the many services we offer, and these changes will cut your energy bill and alleviate your indoor chill.

Another part of the home to consider are the windows. A home is like a human body, and it needs to be insulated. A 5-minute walk outside with a t-shirt and shorts during a Powell January night, and you will agree. Likewise, if a home is not properly fitted with the right windows, its occupants inside feel the chilly effects. For window replacement in Powell, OH, trust the quality team at Able Roof.

As cold air assaults the top of the home and attempts to enter through the attic, it is inhibited by a quality roof and blown-in insulation. When cold air strikes the home from the sides, its portal of entry are your windows. If you are constantly cold inside your home during the winter, your windows may be the responsible suspect.

How Do I Know If My Windows Are a Source of Heat Loss

Choose Able Roofing for Window Replacement in Columbus, OHHow to know when to call Powell window installers:

  1. Windows are difficult to open from the inside and easy to open from the outside. This is a safety issue. Windows are not only an entry for cold air, but they are a way into the home for burglars. Windows that don’t open from the outside are just as important as a properly locking front door. If your windows are hard to open from inside the home, this is also a safety hazard. If a dangerous situation occurs inside the home, such as a fire or gas leak, you need to have full assurance that your windows will open for you to escape successfully.
  2. Mold is found on the walls. Do you notice water penetrating through your windows and causing mold to grow in your walls? Do you see paint peeling or bubbling around your windows? If your windows were made prior to 1978, then they aren’t constructed to the Lead-Based Pain Initiative of 1978 standards and indications may include rotting windows and lead paint hazards.
  3. You can feel cold air through the windows. If on a cold day you feel cold air seeping in through the sides or top of your windows, then your window doesn’t have a proper seal. If you are unsure if air is coming through your windows, try the tissue test. To perform this test, tape a tissue to one end of a clothes hanger and hold the hanger by the hook next to your windows. If the tissue flutters, then air is entering into the home.

Benefits of Choosing Able Roof Windows

Able Roof of Powell offers professionalism, integrity, and craftsmanship in our window installation. There are many benefits of choosing Able Roof Windows. All our windows offer:

  • Coverage for broken glass.
  • Custom fit to the nearest quarter-inch.
  • Double pane and offer low-E argon filled insulated glass.
  • Multiple styles, materials, and colors to properly satisfy your décor needs.
  • No out of pocket cost if your windows have an issue.
  • Precise beginning and ending project dates.
  • Transferable lifetime warranty.

Our Windows Are Energy Efficient

Able Roof’s windows are low heat transferring. We prove it by installing windows with an R-value of 10 and a U-factor of 49. If that means nothing to you, don’t worry, we’ll explain.

The R-value is an indicator of material’s ability to resist heat. Our score of 10 is more than 3 times higher than the industry’s average. The U-factor measures thermal resistance. The lower the score, the better. Our score of 10 far out beats the industry’s average score of 49.

Able Roofing Installs Windows on Homes and Businesses

Whether you need windows for your home or business, Able Roof’s team of experts are happy to help. Feel free to get a head start picking out your style and color options. If you want to know what our windows are made of, scroll to see our engineered strength window materials.

How to Contact Able Roof

If you are tired of feeling cold in the winter and want to save money on your energy bill, Able Roof of Powell would love to serve you. If you need window replacement services, fill out a free estimate here, or give us a call.

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