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Plan Your Home Renovation Projects For 2018

Unlike in the game The Sims, it takes more than one click for home renovation. Remodeling projects require research, planning, budgeting, and hard work. If you’re considering remodeling your home for the market, adding livable space to bring more family members into your home, or simply making over a space for yourself, you need a plan going in. Read on to learn what’s trending in 2018 and some tips for planning your project.

2018 Remodel Trends

Here are some of the top trends in home renovations or remodeling you can expect to see in 2018.

  1.  Livable Space. Families are living together, so they need extra space to live in and give privacy. Expect to see modifications to basements to turn them into apartments and alterations to the home to accommodate multiple generations living in the same home.
  2.  Open Plans. These floor plans remain popular this year, but expect some new twists. In kitchens, designers are throwing out cabinet doors, leaving dishes and cookware visible to the whole house.
  3.  Roof Decks. For those lacking acreage who enjoy outdoor living space, rooftop decks are moving from apartment buildings to residential communities. You could be throwing a party on your roof before fall comes! If you are considering installing a roof deck, make sure you call a professional to have it installed correctly.
  4.  Rustic Returns. Wood tones and rustic features are making a comeback. Again. These styles work, so if you’re looking to freshen up your space, consider going old school.
  5.  Going to the Floor. Walls offer so much to consider when decorating, often serving as focal points. This year, designers are shifting the focus to floors, with bold choices like all white or hardwood flooring stained to complement the room. Toss a statement rug on it, and you’ve made your own feature focal point.

Planning Your Remodel

So, you’ve decided you’re remodeling. Now what? You need a plan

  1.What Do You Want/Need and What Can You Do?

Your list of ideas may be growing long, so it’s time to organize your thoughts. Call this un-shopping after you’ve filled the cart. Before you can figure out what you’re going to do, you need to know what your home needs and what you want from it.

Do you have a family member moving in? Does an older person need more accessible features? Do you want to add living space? You may find that focusing on one project helps you figure out what you want or need regarding other projects. Once you have all the needs and wants listed, sort them by importance or necessity. Now figure out what projects you’ll do yourself and what you need help completing.

You may need something in your space, but your home might not be able to handle it, or you might be in violation of building codes if you do it. Here is where a professional assessment is handy. You can go over your projects with that person to determine if you need to modify or cut out something. You may have to add a project to your list before you can complete something you want to do.

  2.  What’s Your Budget and Who Are You Hiring?

Now that you know what your project list is, it’s time to set a budget. Be sure to include living arrangements if you need to move out. Plan to spend more than you think you will, just in case something comes up.

After that, it’s time to find the contractor who will run the project for you. Get recommendations, interview contractors, get estimates, and check their licenses and certifications. Here at Able Roof we have over 30 years of experience in exterior repairs. If your home remodel includes new windows, gutters, insulation, siding, masonry, or a new roof, then call for a free estimate. We are the number one roofing contractor in Central OH, and we want to be there for you when you need us.