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The Number One Way to Modernize Your Home

Older homes often have character and charm you can’t find in new construction. You might have updated your home’s interior, so it feels contemporary and fresh, but the outside could still use some work. One of the best ways to modernize the look of your home is to install new windows. Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market in the months ahead or you just want to own the best-looking property in the neighborhood, new windows can transform your space.

Make It Look New

Sometimes a home’s brick or siding still looks great, but if your home is fifteen years or older, your windows probably look dated. The architect who designed your home chose windows in harmony with the rest of your home. Window casings, the molding that surrounds your window is susceptible to decay. Old wood frames deteriorate and discolor. Exterior sills and aprons show age over time.Replacement windows have the effect of a face lift on your home’s exterior. Homeowners are often stunned how new windows refresh the exterior of their homes.

Improve Energy Efficiency

New windows are much more energy efficient due to advances in design and manufacturing techniques. When you hire Able Roof to replace your windows, our ENERGY STAR rated units offer these benefits:

  • Each window has double panes filled with argon, blocking heat transfer through the glass.
  • Frames contain insulation, further preventing heat flow.
  • Experts custom cut windows to the nearest quarter-inch for a perfect fit.
  •  Low-E glass has coatings that reflect infrared light.
  • Professional installation and a lifetime guarantee protect against failed seals.

Improved energy efficiency means you pay less in utilities, and also means you reduce your carbon footprint. Homeowners who replace single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR certified models save between $101 and $583 every year and produce between 1,006 and 6,205 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of saving between 51 and 317 gallons of gas.

Improve Property Value

One reason homeowners want to modernize their home’s exterior is because they know increasing curb appeal is the best way to get top dollar when they sell. Home buyers start their search online, where the first photo they see of your property will probably be a shot of the exterior. New windows make the entire structure look updated.

Prospective buyers also value energy efficiency. They know the less they have to pay in utilities, the more they have left over for their mortgage. They can afford to pay a little more for homes that already have efficiency updates. Showing potential buyers utility bills that show month after month of savings makes any house a much more attractive buy.

Able Roof has windows available in a variety of styles and finishes. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.