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Is it Normal for Rain to Come Down my Chimney?

Chimney leaks

Have you noticed water dripping down your chimney into your fire? Or a constant dribble of water coming down inside the chimney? This is not normal and indicates a problem somewhere in your chimney system. The problem is sometimes not easy to determine, and a professional should perform the diagnosis.

Finding the Problem

Water dripping or puddles in your fireplace is an issue that a professional must fix. There is no one-size-fits-all fix for this problem, so the process of finding a solution will need to be performed by a process of elimination. There may be more than one damaged area allowing water into the chimney, so a thorough inspection will be necessary.

To find the problem, you need to have a water test performed. Someone will pour water intentionally onto the chimney to simulate rainfall, and the professional will inspect all areas to determine where the water flow issue is coming from.

A variety of issues may cause chimney leaks, including:

  • Structural Chimney Problems
  • Chimney crown damage
  • Faults in chimney lining
  • Roof leaks surrounding the chimney

To pinpoint the cause or causes of your chimney leaks, hire a professional to thoroughly inspect your roof and chimney structure. Luckily, at Able Roofing, we provide inspections free of charge. We will make recommendations for preventative damage or fix problems which have already developed.

Structural Chimney Problems

Water penetration can be a problem with masonry chimney materials. Chimneys are constantly exposed to severe weather, such as snow, heavy rain, or wind. These elements can cause the materials to deteriorate quickly and present the issue of cracks or moisture penetration.

Chimney Crown Damage

Chimney LeaksThe chimney crown covers the top of the chimney to help protect it from the elements. The slanted crown should provide a downward slope that will allow for water runoff. This portion of the chimney prevents water from entering the flue, but also prevents wear and tear on the masonry.

If the crown on a chimney is damaged or missing, water issues will occur and will likely be noticeable during storms or heavy rainfall. Luckily, Able carries many products that are waterproof and long-lasting to extend the lifetime of your masonry chimney.

Chimney Relining

Chimney relining involves installing stainless steel or alloy piping inside the masonry chimney cavity. They are necessary when clay flue liners become damaged or when high efficiency and wood burning stoves are used with your chimney. Relining the chimney ensures your chimney remains structurally sound and free from leaks or cracks.

Fixing the Issues

Fixing a chimney problem can be as simple as caulking the area, replacing a chimney crown, or may be as difficult as requiring structural adjustments.  It’s important to make sure to fix chimney problems as soon as possible to ensure they do not cause further damage to your home.

Whatever your roofing or chimney needs, the folks here at Able Roofing are here to help. Call us today to receive a free inspection and estimate for your chimney problems.