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New Siding: A Fresh Look for Spring

Spring is finally here in Central Ohio, and with it comes renewal. As you watch the tulips emerge and the trees bud, you may be wondering what you can do to renew and refresh the exterior of your home. Often, new vinyl siding in Columbus is the perfect spring project that can bring maximum changes – and curb appeal – to your home’s exterior.

Why Should You Replace Siding?

Ohio winters can be brutal, throwing everything Mother Nature has to offer at your home’s exterior. Summertime isn’t much better, exposing your siding to blistering heat and excessive humidity. Over time, many types of siding begin to break down, compromising your home’s energy efficiency and waterproofing.

If your home still features wood siding, any number of issues may indicate that it’s time for an update:

  • Holes. Holes can indicate that insects have eaten their way through your siding. However, regardless of the cause, excess moisture can enter through even the tiniest of holes.
  • Dry rot, mold, and mildew. Dry rot, caused by fungi, eats away at your wood siding and can spread below the surface before you even know there’s a problem. Meanwhile, the presence of mold and mildew can indicate moisture issues.
  • Loose, cracked, or missing siding. Improperly fitting or missing siding can introduce excess moisture to the interior of your home and reduce energy efficiency.
  • Bubbling or warping. Any warping or bubbling can indicate moisture has collected under your current siding, endangering the interior of your home.
  • Faded paint or vinyl siding. Even if your home currently features vinyl siding, any fading may mean your home’s waterproofing needs updating.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Roofing Services - Roof Repair, Roof Replacement in Columbus, OHVinyl siding will last you years without the need for another update, providing the best possible protection against Ohio’s constantly changing weather. Vinyl has better impact and wind resistance than wood, and provides better insulation as well, reducing your home’s energy costs. The warranty is unmatched in the industry, providing you with years of durable protection.

Aside from structural integrity, updating to vinyl siding is the best way to add curb appeal. You can customize the exterior to achieve any look you want, including Crane Board, Premium Point, Market Square, Portsmouth Shake, and Board and Batten. The color selection is endless, allowing you to choose from a rainbow of colors to freshen up your exterior.

How Can You Freshen Up Your Home?

Choosing a new look for your home can be intimidating, especially when you’re choosing vinyl siding that will last you through the next two decades. Take a look around your neighborhood and review any HOA requirements that may influence your color choices. Then, consider whether you prefer a mono- or two-tone look.

Do you want your siding to blend or contrast with any existing brick or stonework? Do you plan to repaint or replace doors and shutters, or will you choose a color that coordinates with your existing choices? Finally, consider the architectural style of your home and consider any traditional color choices that may go along with it.

Choosing new siding for your home is an important decision that can affect your home’s waterproofing, efficiency, and look for the next 25 years or more. Quality vinyl siding can provide you the look you’ve been dreaming of and the protection your family deserves. Contact Able Roof with any questions regarding your new siding project. Sign up for a free estimate today!