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Hundreds of New Albany Homes Will Need New Roofs Before 2017

In the early and mid-2000s, New Albany saw a massive increase in single family homes built. As the recently named number one suburb in the United States, the rural settings, excellent schools, and safe neighborhoods attracted many families to move into brand new homes. Many of these homes are absolutely beautiful, drawing ques including Victorian brick and neoclassical column.

Up to 400 of these new home builds will need their roof completely replaced before 2017, when the structural integrity of low-quality new build roofs will reach peak material decline.

As a general rule, new build roofs last 10-15 years before needing a replacement.

Depending on your neighborhood, home style, and taste, there are several color and material options we recommend for the New Albany community:


Sierra Sunset

Sierra Sunset can provide some pop.
Sierra Sunset can provide some pop.

Sierra Sunset is a high definition shingle that accents your brick exterior without being over-encumbering, providing an extra pop of curb appeal and value for your home. Almost a play on the traditional gray shingle, the red infusion provides an opportunity for some tempered flair that will make your house have the best looking shingle roof in the neighborhood.

Ideal for: Fenway, Alban Mews, New Albany Country Club, Brandon, Edge of Woods, Lambton Park, Hampstead Heath, and Tensweep.

Forged Iron

Forged Iron can provide some contrast for your home.
Forged Iron can provide some contrast for your home.

Forged Iron is a high definition, dark gray shingle that is perfect for homes with white exteriors. Since about half of New Albany is brick and half is white, this shingle color is perfect to contrast your home with a white siding exterior. Similar to Sierra Sunset, the Forged Iron shingle is aesthetically designed and functionally stronger than typical roofing shingles.

Ideal for: The New Albany Links, Hampstead, Windsor, and The Preserve.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can distinguish your home.
Metal roofing can distinguish your home.

Metal roofing is aesthetically amazing and can differentiate your New Albany home from others. At Able, we can procure metal roofing in any color you desire and cut it at your home for a perfect fit that lasts a lifetime. Clients that have ordered metal roofing love the rustic feel and some even comment that the sound of rain off the metal is truly satisfying.

Ideal for: custom builds and rustic homes.