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Why You Should Never DIY Your Window Repairs

Why You Should Never DIY Window Repairs

Websites such as Pinterest make it seem like you can do anything yourself. They’re loaded with project walkthroughs, infographics, and DIY tips. Chances are you’ll be able to find a how to video relatively easily. Some things, however, should be left to the professionals. Tackling a project that you’re not prepared to handle can be disappointing, costly, and dangerous.

It’s Not as Cheap as You Think

windowMost people who pursue DIY projects are looking to save some time and money. You completely skip the cost of labor if you’re doing the work yourself. You can also choose precisely what materials you use and have complete control over the cost of your supplies. Unfortunately, you could end up just adding that bill onto the cost to have them redone by a real contractor.

It’s not easy to get windows to line up and seal correctly. While you could be trying to save a few dollars, it’ll cost far more if you need to bring in a professional for backup, especially if they need to start your project over. You will end up paying for the material costs of your learning experience in addition to the professional labor and components they have to provide to fix your mess. Not to mention all the time you will waste trying to do it yourself. At Able Roof we get most projects done in less than a day, so you can get back to your normal routine fast.

You Could Increase Your Energy Bill

There are several reasons professionally installed windows save you money. For one, they have tight seals, preventing drafts and separating the inside and outside temperatures. If you don’t install them just right, you’ll be wasting energy as your HVAC system competes with the airflow.

Even if the seal is right, you probably won’t get the highest-quality materials. Here at Able Roof we are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials in the industry. All of our materials are specifically manufactured to meet or exceed our high standards. For example, the R-value of a window is the measure of its heat transfer. All our windows provide an R-10 rating, which is more than three times the industry standard. It’s hard to compete with numbers like that.

Choosing and Installing Windows Requires Specific Knowledge

When experimenting with do it yourself projects it’s easy to get confused and bring home materials that won’t work or don’t offer all the necessary features. If you don’t have a lot of experience with windows or installation taking on the project alone can be overwhelming. Choosing a professional, on the other hand, means you don’t have to worry about any of that. All of our crews are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced.

Unlike the employees of home improvement stores, they know everything about the brand and what’s recommended for installation. They also have real experience that you can count on. DIY projects can be fun, but you just can’t top proper training, and when your home is at stake that is exactly what you need.

Do you have the right tools?

Even a well-stocked garage is still just a garage. Standard tools may be helpful, but they certainly can’t compete with implements that are designed specifically for construction. Roofing and home repair is all that we do, and we’ve been practicing for decades. We have invested in the right set of tools to get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely.

You Lose the Opportunity to Have a Warranty

Doing work yourself means that you’re responsible for the upkeep and any resulting issues. There’s no protection down the road, which is especially worrying in the face of severe weather. If your DIY window breaks or falls out, you’ll have to front the cost of a new window and any other damages your broken window may have caused.

Working with professionals’ means you’ll have insurance for their service. At Able Roofing, we stand behind our materials and the installation itself. Plus, if you ever do need a repair, we don’t prorate it. No deductible, just repairs you can trust. Most projects are covered by our Same-Day Guarantee, which means that the whole job will be done in 24 hours. Even big ventures are within the reach of our talented team of experts.

DIY projects can be rewarding and fun but if you take on something too big you could be spending more time and money than you expected. Window replacement and repair is a big job and should be handled by someone who has experience. If you need this kind of work done, stick with professionals. With trained, experience contractors and built-in lifetime warranties, you’ll end up with long-term savings. Call today to get your free estimate and see what Able Roofing can do for you.