How to fix roof algae

How to Fix Roof Algae

Have you noticed unattractive black streaks running down your roof and wondered what causes them? Most homeowners assume that these streaks are caused by any …

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How to find out how old your roof is

How to Find Out How Old Your Roof Is

If you are a new homeowner or have just purchased your home in the past few years, you are surely still getting to know your …

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Windows to keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter

Windows To Keep You Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter

Like most homeowners, you are likely always looking for ways to save on your energy utilities and be more comfortable in your home. If this …

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How to pick the right roof color

How to Pick the Right Roof Color

When you are getting a new roof and are at the stage of choosing the color of your shingles, there are so many factors to …

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Why did my siding turn green

Why Did My Siding Turn Green?

No matter what type of siding material is on your home, you may notice that it has turned green in certain areas over time. Regardless …

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Everything you need to know about fascia and soffit repair

Everything You Need to Know About Fascia and Soffit Repair

Many people don’t realize the importance of the soffit and fascia that run along the rafter tails at the edge of their roof. These crucial …

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