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Most Common Roof Damages to Look Out For

Your roof withstands a lot – the sun’s ultraviolet rays, heavy rains, and strong winds, to name a few issues. Today’s roofing systems are built to last, but even the strongest roof can fall prey to common damages. When your roof isn’t in great shape, your entire home can suffer. Learning how to recognize and act on these common problems in time to avoid a catastrophe can put you in control of your home’s future and ensure the safety of your family.

Moss and Fungus Growth

Almost every roof will eventually show some signs of moss growth, making shingles look unkempt and older than they are. Most moss growth is not a major issue, and can simply be brushed off. Use a brush to clean moss off your roof instead of a hose or pressure washer to avoid damaging your shingles. In some cases, moss growth can invade the space under and between your shingles, eventually causing larger problems, such as leakage. If this happens, talk to a professional contractor for help.

Unsightly dark streaks or spots on an asphalt roof can be signs of fungus or algae growth. Blue-green algae won’t necessarily hurt your roofing, but it can lower curb appeal and resale value. You can prevent this problem with algae-resistant shingles, or professional chemical cleaning. For safety reasons, seek professional help for these services. An experienced roofer can save you the hassle of getting onto your roof and trying out different chemical cleaners to see which one works.

Shingle Shrinkage, Blistering, and Curling

Shingle shrinkage or blistering is often the result of poor installation, UV exposure, and aging. Shrinkage is most common on synthetic rubber roofs and modified bitumen roofs. Shrunken shingles can no longer protect your roof. They create gaps in coverage and let moisture in –ultimately resulting in leaks, wood rot, and mold growth. The best prevention for this problem is proper roof installation. Your roofer needs to use the proper techniques and materials to protect your roof from UV rays and prevent shrinkage.

Another common problem with shingles is curling of the edges, or the entire shingle buckling. Curling shingles can occur due to inadequate roofing ventilation, improper installation, poor quality shingles, or old age. Once again, the best way to prevent this issue is by trusting professional roofing contractors to install your roof. If your shingles are curling, it may be time to replace your roof – before further damage to your home ensues.

Leaky Roof

This list would be remiss not to mention a leaking roof. You may notice a roof leak if there are wet spots in your attic, water stains on your walls or exterior siding, or wet insulation. A leaking roof can stem from shingle damage or bald spots on your roof. Bald spots make your home vulnerable to leaks and other types of damage. If left unresolved, even a minor leak can cause major problems. Stop a leak in its tracks with Able Roof’s repair services. We can repair your shingles, stop a leak, and fix roofing and insulation damage that occurred due to a leak.

Many leaks occur because of hailstorms, high winds, cracked flashing, or blocked gutters. Your roof may experience missing shingles, cracks, punctures, or holes. Our team can fix the damage and make it look like a leak never occurred. If your leaky roof is a sign of a larger problem, such as aging shingles, we can give you a free estimate for a complete roof replacement. Sometimes replacing your roof is the wisest and most cost-effective solution for major leaks.

Standing Water or Sagging Roof

A successful roofing system will not allow water to collect or pool anywhere. Sometimes, problems with your roof can lead to structural changes, and eventually standing water after a storm or melted snow. Standing water can severely damage these sections of your roof, or even cause your roof to collapse if too much weight gathers. Taking care of your gutter system can prevent water from pooling on your roof. Your gutters should collect water and carry it away from your roof and home, preventing standing water.

A sagging roof is a major red flag, and deserves immediate professional attention. If you notice that any areas of roof start to sag, it may point to a problem with your ceiling joists. Sagging roofs are dangerous, and require roofing experts to resolve. Call Able Roof right away for emergency roof repairs and/or replacement. We are your local partners in all things roofing, and can solve any roof system problems you may encounter. Contact us today for a free estimate of repairs.